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REVIEW: Commando: A One Man Army (2013)


If you haven’t heard anything about this film before – no, this is not a remake of Schwarzenegger’s 1985 classic action flick, it’s something different. From India.

Dogra (Vidyut Jamwal) is a special-ops secret agent of the Indian Armed Forces, who was sent on a mission to China. It so turns out that he gets captured by the Chinese, and held captive there.

After a series of torture scenes that we see Dogra being subjected to, he manages to escape, during a transportation. And since China borders with India, our Commando ends up on his homeland pretty quickly.

And by the way, he’s not called Commando for nothing – the man is a killing machine, able to survive anytime, anywhere, basically John Rambo updated.

We switch to a small Indian village near the India-China border, where a ruthless local criminal with completely white eyes (without pupils) is trying to marry a local beauty, named Simran (Pooja Chopra).

“White Eyes” walks around with his goons armed to the teeth, and it doesn’t take long before Simran decides to flee. She tries to escape to the nearest woods, where he stumbles upon…our commando Dogra.

And from there on it is “one man versus an army”, as Dogra uses all his skills and experience to make sure the “White Eyes” and his gang (which keeps getting bigger and bigger) stay as far from them as possible.

“Commando: A One Man Army” has some things done exactly right, and some other things that could’ve easily been cut out.

The actors do their jobs just fine. Vidyut Jamwal’s commando is the 80’s silent-type hero, who speaks with his fists, and some fight scenes are simply amazing.

Jamwal is said to be a trained gymnast, and has developed his own unique style which is an amalgamation of Kalari, gymnastics, Kung Fu, weapon usage and jiu-jitsu. He’s been studying martial arts extensively from the age of 3, according to Times of India.

Basically, the film has two huge disadvantages. One is – the amount of Bollywood “dancing scenes”, and the lack of fighting scenes.

While the dancing in Hindi cinema has been considered “a must”, in this particular case – it works against the film itself. The film could have been 15 minutes shorter, if not for these dancing-singing scenes. But come on – this is an action film, called “Commando…” – it screams more and more action, and instead we get the singing.

And speaking of the fights – the middle of the film really lacks those – as our main characters are more devoted to talking, rather than fighting.

However, even with such downfalls, Vidyut Jamwal has made a good “calling card” for himself – the guy is an amazing fighter, he’s got the right looks and the right moves to become an action star.

Considering that you can always fast-forward through the singing and dancing scenes – “Commando: A One Man Army” is recommended for viewing once. Or twice, if you like dancing.



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