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REVIEW: Contract Killers (2009)

A covert CIA assassin Jane (Frida Farrell) is framed by her own employers, when she tries to break out of the contract killing business to try to lead a normal life. Soon enough she finds herself running away from the police that the CIA fully controls.

Jane’s coordinator Witkoff (Nick Mancuso) has his reasons to worry – Jane has a secret disc with information that could expose all the dirty deals that Witkoff is involved in, including stealing money from global financial systems using cyber technology.

To make sure Jane doesn’t survive long enough to leak the important information, Witkoff puts another agent on her tail – ruthless Pernell (Rhett Giles), who tracks Jane down in Trinidad and Tobago with an intention to kill her and get her money.

With all this going on, Jane has to think fast and act even faster, relying on her skills that could save her from the agents, and the long hands of the CIA.

I’ve heard some people bashing this film, calling it “one of the worst” and so on, however they kept forgetting that it all depends what you compare it with, and what your tastes are.

If you compare “Contract Killers” to Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”, then it might be called bad, yet if you compare it to something made for $1 million – it might actually be entertaining.

Speaking of budgets, “Contract Killers” was made for only $350,000. After watching the film I could not believe one can make such a film for that kind of money.

It looked more like $4 million film than $350,000. If the IMDB stated budget is true, then one has to see this film just to know there is a possibility to make a watchable, solid action film for this little amount of money.

Acting wise, the film does not let down. Nick Mancuso (this is what Mickey Rourke would’ve looked like without plastic surgeries!) plays his part well, doing nothing extraordinary.

Rhett Giles, who is mostly known to b-movie horror and sci-fi fans, shines here as a serious action man, and by his looks I’d say he could do action movies without breaking a sweat.

Swedish beauty Frida Farrell is both the eye candy and the strong lead. She handles her part well, looking just as tough as Linda Hamilton did in “Terminator 2”. Producers need to take notice – this talented actress is willing to work on a $350,000 budget film and do the action herself.

“Contract Killers” won two Action on Film awards, one of which belongs to Frida Farrell (Breakthrough Performance – Female) and the other one to director-writer-editor Justin Rhodes ( Best Action Sequence).

I’d say the film deserved the first award for sure.

Speaking of the story – yes it is cliche, and you’ve seen it all before, yet it is handled very nicely, without any major flaws. There is action, there’s shootings, fighting and even a pretty cool car chase scene.

In other words, if you are not very picky, and like action movies – check “Contract Killers” out. It is a lot better than some movies made on a much bigger budget.



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