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REVIEW: (2010) + trailer

I don’t remember the last time I saw a low-budget political thriller, so “” can be called a “breathe of fresh air” so to speak.

The story is quite interesting in fact, a fictional country of Mombaire (Africa) is rich with chromium, that the U.S. needs, and everything has been going just fine, until Texas Senator John Mordire (Michael Madsen) started playing his own game behind president’s (Joe Estevez) back. This is where corruption, set-ups and murders come in.

While in Mombaire, Stan Rohamba (Win Pollard), son of country’s president goes to American to study the “modern democratic system”.

He arrives as an exchange student, and “just in time”, as elections in Texas are coming up, and Mordire is up against Ron Garcia (Francesco Quinn) but he doesn’t seem to worry too much, as dirty tactics do work, if applied right.

So, Stan ends up on Mordire’s election campaign, and accidentally learns truth about Mordire, how the senator wants to destroy Mombaire, but at the same time deals with country’s opposition leaders behind the political curtains. Rohamba decides to expose Mordire, not knowing that this can cost him his life…

Senator Mordire (Michael Madsen): “We can’t let third world countries push us around.”

Like I said already, I did like the story, but due to numerous reasons the film turned out to be just a joke. First – can anyone really picture Michael Madsen as a politician?Yes, the guy is a good actor, and all that, but he cannot play the “suit type” role, and he admits it himself on the “behind the scenes” footage of the film.

Madsen plays himself, he walks like a crime boss, his “political speeches” are not convincing, he doesn’t behave like a politician (and yes, I know how politicians behave, I work as a journalist). Joe Estevez loves being the president, and I really like the guy – even when he plays villains, he’s still likable.

Same can be said about Lee Majors, who has a minor role here. The only one on the actors’ list who does actually look and act like a politician is Francesco Quinn (who sadly passed away this year…). The rest of the cast is pretty much unknown, and for some this has been the only film appearance since 2010.

There are also lots of “little mistakes” that hit a viewer in the eye so sharp that its impossible not to pay attention to them. One is – when president’s son arrives in U.S. and decides to expose senator Mordire, he decides to open a blog and write his own thoughts there.

He does so, and the next day, everyone on campus are talking about him… Such things do not happen overnight, it does take time to develop a blog, and yes even if its a low-budget movie, the creators of the film could have thought of another solution.

Instead, everything is sloppy, and fake. Same can be said about the story part where Mordire hires some pc guru to hack into the government database…

Oh, and here’s one for kicks – a pathetic russian film cover for “”, which has been translated as “Traitors” and has Madsen on the cover wearing clothes he doesn’t wear in the movie. I am not even talking about his head being photoshopped on another body. Reminds me of those crappy posters for Steven Seagal movies.

Believe it or not, these little “miscalculations” ruin the film almost completely. It shows, that the makers of the picture did not make any adjustments or corrections, being aware of their limited budget.

One of the film’s directors (yes, there were two of them) said he loved the political thriller theme…well, I suppose the love wasn’t that strong, if the film turned out this weak.

They might have saved some money, and we received another forgettable joke of a film, which could have been a lot better. You can check out the trailer for the film below.




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  1. Haha I love the Russian cover. Madsen walking with the gun, expensive super car in flames and people are ‘in’. Sad but that’s the way it works. Madsen not only can’t walk and move like a politician but also his voice is totally ‘gangsta’ type.

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