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REVIEW: Death Grip (2012) + trailer


Kenny (Eric Jacobus) takes his autistic brother Mark (Nathan Hoskins) out of the care home, where he’s spent the past fifteen years since their mother’s death.

Mark soon takes an urgent catering gig, and has to bring Mark along. That’s where the problems star to pile up.

Mark unwittingly entangles them in a dangerous heist involving the museum’s showpiece – the Silver Coin of Judas.

Some murderous satanic cult, led by Torch (Johnny Yong Bosch) tries to steal the coin for his own purposes, and soon both Kenny and Mark are propelled into the cult’s demonic world where they must fight for their lives and face the depths of their own dark past.

Starting from the poster alone, “Death Grip” promises viewers some amazing martial arts fights, staged by the stunt team named “Stunt People”, and that’s what we get here.

The Stunt People direct and stage fights in the old 80s Hong-Kong style, being influenced by what Jackie Chan used to do in his films.

So until you wait for the next Isaac Florentine or Tony Jaa movie – watch the Stunt People do their thing. “Death Grip” is their best work, fighting wise thus far.

Another good thing about “Death Grip” is surprisingly the characters. While the film’s story could have been more smooth, the characters are really vivid, funny, and can actually act.

Speaking of funny, the “toilet scene” has to be seen to be believed, definitely something refreshing. Same can be said about the fighting scenes, which are perfectly choreographed.

Director, screenwriter and main actor Eric Jacobus told BZFilm that “Death Grip” took 45 days to shoot, spread across 2 months.

“It took me around 2 years to write the script, and post production was 6 months,” he said. “The budget was about $110,000, half of it was my life savings.”

The fights being so good in the film, “Death Grip” sadly does not have enough of those, and in the middle, the film drags a little, trying to fill up running time with dialogue.

The DVD of “The Death Grip” includes “The Life of Death Grip” – a 75-minute behind-the-scenes look at all aspects of Death Grip, from casting Johnny Yong Bosch to budgeting, location scouting, and tons of making-of footage for the fight scenes in the film.

Aside from showing how the whole film got shot, “Life of Death Grip” is highly recommended to those, who are making their own low-budget movies.

To sum it up – “Death Grip” is definitely worth a watch, as amazing fights, cool characters, and some funny scenes guarantee you won’t fall asleep. Check out the trailer below!




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