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REVIEW: Dirty Little Trick (2011) + trailer

We start off on the road with Michael (Dean Cain), a movie editor, who picks up a seemingly young, cute girl Sarah (Christie Burson), who looks like she’s running away from something.

Michael is so damn blinded by her beauty that he doesn’t even smell the danger that’s coming to him. So, several hours later, this cute little danger ends up in Michael’s bed, and later on its revealed that the girl is only 16.

Michael is in trouble with the police, while the girl is looking for other men to seduce and manipulate them later. Among these men is Danny (Joe Jones) who owes a big sum of money to crime boss Vito (guess who, Michael Madsen). As cold and heartless as Sarah is, she miscalculates the risk, and gets sucked into a vicious circle of money, kidnapping and murder.

According to IMDB, the film is based on a true story that writer of the film Michael Legge told the producer Michael Z. Gordon.

This really is a great feeling, when a simple (or not so simple) life situation pushes your creativity forward, and you are able to *BANG!* create a story for a film right away.

After hearing Legge’s bizarre experience on his way to the restaurant, Gordon looked at him and said, “There’s you story!” Three weeks later, this script was born.

Due to an extremely low-budget (around $1,000,000) the film has very little action, and such actors as Dean Cain and Michael Madsen are forced to act all the time, instead of filling the screen time with some intensive action.

I’ll take my hat off to the creators of the film for getting Cain and Madsen into production with such a low budget at their disposal, however, again, lack of action brings bore as the story develops.

Madsen acts the way he usually does, without much effort, and as he has limited screen time here, I assume getting him to play Vito was just a marketing move.

Christie Burson, a 16 year old wild cat, whom the story focuses on, does a good job with her crazy character, yet Tiffany Shepis (plays Dean Cain’s sister in the film) in my opinion was much more sexier than our leading lady, and a real eye candy.

While the subject of the film (cruel underage girl blackmailing grown men) is interesting, the film itself is forgettable. Dean Cain had better films. Michael Madsen had better films. Tiffany Shepis had better films for sure. Christie Burson still has a long way to go.

“Dirty Little Trick” is interesting, yet the script seems to lack details, as everything moves on too fast, and Christie Burson’s character doesn’t have enough time to develop.

Add lack of action, and what you get is “as best as it can get for $1 million” boring thriller, that certainly won’t add anything good to Dean Cain’s or Michael Madsen’s filmography. Trailer for the film is below.




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