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REVIEW: Enemies Among Us (2010)

Seeing so many familiar actors on the cast list, I expected some solid thriller, although the political theme was something I always disliked. But, come on, having Eric Roberts, Robin Givens, Steven Bauer and Billy Zane in one movie – this should be somewhat good, right? Wrong.

The story did not make any sense to me at all. Well, it did a little. We got a U.S. senator (Steven Bauer), who wants to become the next president. However, his interview answers made me think, that I would have never voted for this guy, nor trusted him if I was a U.S. citizen.

We also have the governor of Louisiana Chip Majors (James DuMont), who seems to have good chances of becoming the Vice Presidental candidate for his party. Now, it all goes smooth, until our governor decides to have some fun in a hotel with a very beautiful hooker.

A bunch of cops (led by Eric Roberts) escort him there. Now, little does the governor know, that the hooker is actually a hired killer.

Before Majors even gets a chance to “taste the peach”, hooker tries to kill him, but fails, and Majors kills her instead. Then after all this, he offers cops some money so they would keep it silent.

There’s also Robin Givens who spends her entire screen time in Afghanistan, torturing some captured soldier. Eric Robert’s character turns out to be her husband.

There’s also a CIA agent played by Billy Zane, who appears for about 3-4 minutes on the screen, and on the cover he is presented like a leading character.

Anyway, do yourself a favor and skip this film. It really doesn’t make any sense.

I did enjoy a few car chase scenes at the end of the movie, where cops try to save the governor from some assassins, but since the plot of the movie is so ridiculous, that even little action by the end doesn’t save it. Definitely not recommended.




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