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REVIEW: Escapee (2011) + trailer

The story of ESCAPEE centers around a young psychology major Abby Jones (beautiful Christine Evangelista), who, along with her class are on an observation trip in a local mental hospital.

And, so it happens, that a crazy serial killer Harmon Jaxon (played by Dominic Purcell) is about to get transferred, and Abby gets a chilling encounter with Jaxon.

Later, Abby goes back home to study with her roommates. In the meantime, Jaxon manages to escape the hospital, killing some people along the way, and now he has a new goal – find Abby.

As the evening brings a storm, Abby and her roommates are unaware of the escapee, and the local cops seem to have no clue where Jaxon is and how to stop him…

There are movies that can simply be put into “forgettable” category. “Escapee” falls right in there. Supposedly ESCAPEE was based on true events that took place in one of the producers hometown of Alexandria, Louisiana.

Maybe so, however this doesn’t make this film any different, as one has to really think hard and work even harder to make a serial killer movie worth watching.

In here we don’t have any shocking deaths, no great acting (although familiar faces are present: Kadeem Hardison, David Jensen and Danny Nucci), and the movie is overall just boring.

There are a few interesting moments and even a surprising twist, but it’s just not enough. I don’t know, maybe the makers of the movie tried to stick as close to the real events as possible, but when you’re watching a film it has to be somewhat entertaining, which is exactly what ESCAPEE lacks.

I had a chance of seeing “Killer Elite” with Dominic Purcell, and as much as I enjoyed his part there, I really think his “Harmon Jaxon” character in ESCAPEE is nothing to be excited about. Purcell probably did this fim only for money.

Feel free to check out the trailer for the movie below, however I must note that this is probably only for Dominic Purcell fans.




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  1. this movie just sucks, you can’t call this horror, even a child of 4 thinks wtf is this called horror?
    I am a huge horror fan and laugh about horror, don’t think it is scary and that stuff but this is just so fcking stupid

  2. The trailer looks good, I can’t wait to see it. I’m going out today to buy it.

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