REVIEW: Flesh Wounds (2011)

On a remote US Army facility, a group of scientists vanish (actually they get brutally killed), while conducting top secret weapon experiments. An elite covert ops team, commanded by Lt. Tyler (Kevin Sorbo), is tasked with recovering the missing personnel within 24 hours.

From the very beginning of the film I had a feeling, that this was going to be some cheap “jungle monster” type of a sci-fi movie. As the film went on, my smile was getting bigger and bigger as this movie,in total, can be described in just one phrase: “Universal Soldier plus Predator minus the budget = Flesh Wounds”.

I am sure you’ve seen the “Universal Soldier” and the “Predator” as well. In here we have a lot of similar crap: A bunch of “elite covert ops” soldiers, who look like anything but elite, an annoying girl, who later falls for the hero, a cheap-looking universal soldier type of guy, who runs around in the jungle, killing people just like the predator did in his time.

Kevin Sorbo, who is mostly known to B-movie fans, as the Hercules from the infamous TV series, has been doing these cheap straight to video syfy movies, and this is just another one of those.

Bokeem Woodbine looks so “wood” and so tough, like he’s going to explode any minute. As for Heather Marie Marsden – she reminds me of Reese Witherspoon somehow.

Action scenes in the film are not that bad, the CGI is there, but there isn’t much of it, and the movie is cheesy, but enjoyable. Action scenes, sometimes completely idiotic acting and cliche dialogs will keep you awake.

If you decide to watch this, keep in mind – this is a rip-off, do not expect anything new here, just enjoy the film for what it is (the budget reportedly was 2.5 million USD.)


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  1. What I loved about this movie was the complete WTF for the whole thing! Who was anyone in this thing? Why were the scientists wearing lab gear in the swamp? Why did they take a boat in but had to take a chopper out? Why did the cyborg look like he was built from extra parts left over from Radio Shack? Where were they? Why was the cyborg in the jungle? What were the terrorists doing in the top secret jungle base area and why were they wearing Nascar gear?
    This movie is CLASSIC bad! Even the credits were pathetic! How many interns were there? 20? What a movie! It was so bad it was great!

  2. Yes John, there were so many “WTF’s” that it was enjoyable. Somehow, I am sure the whole crew were having a lot of fun on set, while making this thing.

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