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REVIEW: FreeRunner (2011) + trailer

So, who are the “freerunners”? They’re basically your everyday teenagers, who seem to know how to do only one thing – run. And run fast, because the winner gets all the revenue.

Now, the story of “FreeRunner” focuses around one of the runners, Ryan (Sean Faris), who, along with other free runners gets into big trouble, when Mr. Frank (Danny Dyer) decides to capture the teens, put a ticking bomb collars on their necks, and make them run all over the city for 1 million dollars.

All of this is being broadcasted to rich players from all over the world, who pick their own runners, and bet money on them. As you’ve probably already guessed – Ryan’s plan is to stay alive, get rid of the collar, plus save his girlfriend and kill Mr. Frank, if he can.

Free runners have only 60 minutes before the race is over, and before their heads will literally explode.

The whole movie is a non-stop run (think Sylvester Stallone’s “Paradise Valley” running on top of the houses scene), and in this case, our runners play dirty – they also fight each other along the way (so it happens, that they know martial arts too).

From a different angle, they all look like monkeys with batteries up their asses, but its a fun ride, nonetheless.

Sean Faris portrays a likable hero, which cannot be said about Danny Dyer. I never really liked his acting, and his accent (exactly his, not british overall) makes me nervous. His villain here, Mr. Frank, is weak, and looks like a cartoon character.

Another familiar face here is the “Antonio Banderas look-alike” Tamer Hassan, who has been in a number of both DTV films, and hollywood movies as well. Here, he portrays Reese, a former boxer (thank God, not a kung-fu master), who also happens to be a “freerunners” promoter.

Good things about “FreeRunner” is that its never slow (think Crank), never boring, and some of the freerunners perform some jaw-dropping, amazing stunts, while running (Sean Faris’ stunt double gets a standing ovation from me).

As for martial arts, there isn’t much of fighting going on, only occasionally when runners bump into each other.

So, if you like funny, no-brainer action movies like Jason Statham’s “Crank”, give this one a look. Your evening might not be completely spoiled.

Basically, “FreeRunner” is a mix between “Crank” and “The Running Man”. Also, watch film’s trailer below (looks fantastic, by the way).




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