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REVIEW: Gangster Exchange (2010)

I don’t remember the last time New York looked this crazy! In the center of “Gangster Exchange” we have several crime gangs. Main hero Marco (Christopher Russell) works for the gang of Bosnian war ex-commandos, who run their business in the city. Marco is a muscle-head, an enforcer, who has his own plans for the future, when he will be able to run some deals on his own.

In Japan, we have Yakuza who have a deal with the Bosnians: they have to deliver a toilet (!) made of pure heroin to New York. Hiro (Nobuya Shimamoto) is a Tokyo cyber-punk Yakuza, who is ordered to deliver the toilet to the United States.

Upon Hiro’s arrival, Marco meets him, and the deal is about to go through, when a war between the rival gags erupts. Marco and Hiro manage to snatch the toilet and now they’re in trouble, as they’re now being hunted.

The “heroin toilet” is worth millions, if Marco and Hiro can find somebody who can decipher the Japanese chemistry formula.

Wounded, hunted and dragging a 50-pound toilet made of heroin, Marco and Hiro race around the city through every possible obstacle to find a Japanese chemist, sell the heroin and get rich…if they don’t get killed first.

When I first saw the “Gangster Exchange” poster it got me interested for 2 things: First for three awards that the film won, and also for the heroes on the cover.

Christopher Russell looks like young Sam “Flash Gordon” Jones (watch Driving Force to make sure), and although I haven’t seen Nobuya Shimamoto anywhere, these two make a great couple on screen.

The film itself is a low-budget action comedy, which is so crazy, it simply grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until the end credits.

There are crazy characters, toilet made of heroin, cheap shootout scenes, Yakuza boss delivering epic lines (“if you fail, i will kill you and then f*ck your soul in the a$$!”), and a lot more.

This is your Canadian “Tarantino on crack”, with a little less money, but just as much entertaining.

If you like Tarantino, and you think “Hobo with a Shotgun” was cool, definitely check this movie out. It didn’t get awards from “Action on Film” and “Beverly Hills Film Festival” for nothing.



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