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REVIEW: Green Street 3 – Never Back Down (2013)

green-street-3-2013With each film of the series, “Green Street…” has been going away from its original idea.

It continues with “Green Street 3: Never Back Down”, where the theme of football hooliganism is touched very briefly. At some point, it explains why Scott Adkins is the leading man in the film.

Currently, the England-born action star is extremely popular among his fans and lovers of action and martial arts movies, thus we can assume the third installment of the series was adjusted for him specifically.

Just as he did previously with “Undisputed” and “Universal Soldier” franchises, Adkins took whole “Green Street…” idea into a completely different direction.

The story of the third film takes place in England, where a former firm leader Danny (Adkins) returns to Green Street, after he’s informed about the death of his younger brother. Upon arrival, Danny learns that his brother died in a pre-arranged group fight between football fans.

Trying to cope with his loss, Danny immediately falls into what looks like a new type of organized football hooliganism, as now there are groups, or rather teams of fighters from various parts of England, that hold these underground fighting tournaments.

So now Danny, while enjoying his newfound love interest Molly (Kacey Barnfield), has to train his brother’s pals, and participate in the fighting tournaments, to find his brother’s killer.

“Green Street 3: Never Back Down” is still a drama, not another martial arts movie starring Scott Adkins, and the film, if judged as a standalone feature, is entertaining.

Aside from Scott Adkins, Kacey Barnfield is another eye-candy of the film, as the actress is stunningly beautiful and shows some signs of becoming a really solid actress in the near future. But overall, the last thing you should be concerned about in this kind of film, is acting.

What should be paid attention to is fighting – it’s nothing fancy, very brutal, and the Rocky-like training montages help to get into the mood.

The film also gave opportunity for local English martial artists to show off, in particular Joey Ansah and the 6’7 former kickboxer Spencer Wilding. Wilding really makes one hell of a villain, having the looks, and enough of skills to go one on one with Scott Adkins.

To sum it up – the film is a great addition for Scott Adkins fans, and might as well be a viewing pleasure for those who like gritty independent British films, with fights. As for the fans of original “Green Street”, they might as well miss this one.




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