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REVIEW: Gunmen (1993)


Some people would do anything for money, even go as far as murder. The characters of “Gunmen” are just that.

The story takes place in South America, where Dani Servigo (Christopher Lambert) is doing his time in jail.

All of a sudden, he is rescued by an undercover DEA agent Cole Parker (Mario Van Peebles), that has his own reasons for getting Dani out of prison.

And that reason is simple: Dani’s brother stole some $400 million and hid them in some boat, that a lot of people want to find, and recover the money.

Since Dani’s brother is killed, naturally, everyone think Dani knows where the boat is…and maybe he does.

Soon, Dani and Parker agree to join forces to find the boat.

At the same time, crippled crime boss Loomis (Patrick Stewart) hires a group of merciless mercenaries led by Armor O’Malley (Dennis Leary), to find Dani and Cole, who will lead them to the boat.

“Gunmen” is basically a celebration of what action movies of the 90’s used to be like. A film like that, would simply be impossible to make today, for several reasons.

Director Deran Sarafian, who has made other action movies such as “Death Warrant” and “Terminal Velocity”, had only about $8 million (IMDB) at his disposal, and for that money he probably made the best film he could have.

Despite the fact that, according to IMDb, the film was a box-office flop, gathering only $3.4 million, fans of 90’s action movies can appreciate a great cast: Lambert,Van Peebles, Kadeem Hardison, Dennis Leary, Sally Kirkland, Brenda Bakke and Patrick Stewart.

While neither Christopher Lambert, nor Mario Van Peebles are considered action heroes, they both did those kind of films, and in case with “Gunmen”, they assemble a fantastic duo that you simply root for.

The villains are likable as well, especially Leary and Bakke, while for Patrick Stewart this can be considered a letdown, compared to “Star Trek”.

Needless to say, “Gunmen” has no CGI – this is good old-fashioned action movie, with cheesy jokes, shootouts and cliche scenes.

The 2003 action movie “The Rundown” with Dwayne Johnson, Sean William Scott and Christopher Walken is in ways similar to “Gunmen”, so you do know what you’re getting into.

Definitely recommended.



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