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REVIEW: Hijacked (2012)

Secret Intelligence Service and CIA are working closely to keep an eye on a secret terrorist group called “The Tribe” that seems to have its fingers all over Europe.

In France, CIA’s Joe Ballard (Vinnie Jones) and Paul Ross (Randy Couture) get a tip from French Intelligence that seems to lead to one of “tribe’s” bosses.

This goes terribly wrong as the group is set up, a shootout follows, leaving Ballard dead, and Ross barely escaping death.

Days later, Ross gets another tip that “The Tribe” is targeting a UK’s Lieb Industries Head Bruce Lieb (Craig Fairbrass) that is supposed to fly to NY from Paris via his private jet. Ross has no time to alert all of his men, and decides to fly on the same jet.

What he doesn’t know is that his fiancee Olivia (Tiffany Dupont) is also on that flight, working as an assistant to Lieb. Once the jet takes off, the terrorists appear out of nowhere, take over the jet, and now Ross, along with Lieb’s bodyguard Southwell (Dominic Purcell) have to figure out how to stop the hijackers and disarm the bomb that is hidden on the plane.

All of the above sounds like a really nice background for a spy thriller with good actors capable of delivering action. Well, it turned out to be a little less than that, unfortunately.

At 50 years old, former UFC mixed martial arts fighter Randy Couture can hardly be considered an action star. An expert fighter lacks the looks, and acting abilities as well, aside from age. Despite that, Couture appeared in Stallone’s Expendables, and will appear in Expendables 2 as well.

While Couture could handle secondary parts well, being a lead in an action film is a little different, especially if you’re given a lousy script to start with. “Hijacked” does give a viewer what the title says – the private jet does get hijacked.

However, the film itself has just a few shootouts filled with CGI, and I expected Couture to have at least a few good fight scenes – the man is a real-life champion! But no, another disappointment – Couture plays the lead, who spends most of the time “thinking” and “talking”, instead of doing what he does best.

Vinnie Jones surprises here, playing a protagonist (which explains why he gets killed off just after a few scenes), and Craig Fairbrass who can do some action on his own, settles for a simple “suit role”.

The only one who actually delivers some action is the lead villain Pawlak played by Holt McCallany.

The story is quite easy to follow, it doesn’t offer a viewer anything new, just a bunch of familiar action men getting their paychecks. There is a little plot twist in the end, however by that time you are too disappointed to get excited about that twist.

For action fans – this is too weak. For spy thriller fans – do not even bother. A few great looking ladies in the film sadly cannot save this “jet”.



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