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REVIEW: Hunted by Night (2010) + trailer

I’ve been complaining a lot to myself recently, for not watching any action movies, and here it was – “Hunted by Night”, a really unHollywoodish movie, the synopsis promised a lot: drugs, crime gangs, shootouts, and so on. I was skeptical going in, however the film somewhat delivered. Let’s see why.

The story centers around three friends, Brandon, Jose and Peter, who go into the woods for some old-fashioned deer hunting.

Little do they know, there’s a drug-smuggling operation in process in the same area, as some time after our heroes start their “war games”, a plane drops several boxes filled with heroin on the ground.

As we get to know, the plane dropped the boxes out of emergency, and local drug dealer Paco (Juan Bofill) was supposed to pick the goods up.

However, Jose finds the boxes first, and his greed takes the best of him, as he believes he’s already rich. The other friend, Peter is too flabby, so he plays along with Jose. Brandon, the most adequate of the three, urges them to drop this idea of taking someone’s drugs and selling them for millions of dollars.

However, as it usually happens, they don’t listen to him, and a confrontation between Jose and Brandon arises.

I might add that even that our main hero Brandon is good at shooting bad guys with arrows like Rambo, and swinging his legs like Van Damme, he is really bad at choosing friends, who seem to be awaiting for the right moment to set him up, or even worse – put his, and his family’s life on the line for drugs.

Meanwhile, Paco and his horde of goons are already searching the area, and soon realize that the merchandise was stolen by someone.

It doesn’t take long before Paco realizes who the thieves are, and from there on its a non-stop, action packed chase, where on one side we have a group of armed to the teeth thugs, and three hunters with bows and arrows on another…

Juan Bofill, who’s credits mostly include work as a stunt coordinator, not only plays the main villain in the film, he’s also the director.

Like already mentioned, the film quickly shows a lot of signs that it was shot outside of Hollywood: lots of fade ins, lots of slow-motion shots, and overall the movie goes on for 2 hours. I must admit, two hours for such kind of film is too much, as getting rid of several slow-motion scenes would have cut the overall length by 15 minutes or so.

The script is pretty cliche, nothing to be excited about, but it works just fine here. After all, everything is crystal clear, you already know how the film might (and probably will) end, so you just watch for details.

There were some plot elements that the director probably just forgot about, as they appear only once, and never get developed, being left as black spots on white paper.

Other than that, the film is watchable, if you like action films. There’s action, there are even a few martial arts scenes (think Bollywood action scenes). The acting is mediocre at best, but like I said, watch it for the brainless action. Check out the trailer below.




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