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REVIEW: Inside Out (2011)

The cover of “Inside Out” tries really hard to convince you, that its an action movie you’re watching. It got Paul Levesque (famous WWE wrestler, Triple H), Michael Rapaport, Parkey Posey, and even Bruce Dern. Great. No, not really. At least action wise.

The plot goes like this: AJ or Arlo Jane (what kind of a name is that for Triple H?) has been imprisoned for the last 13 years for manslaughter, for killing a man who intended to kill his best friend, Jack (Michael Rapaport).

Now, AJ is out of the prison and all he wants to do is get back on track, live a normal life, and make pickles (yeah, imagine what he’s gone through in prison).

And, of course, it all goes exactly the opposite way. Jack involves AJ in an accidental shooting in which a man is killed, forcing Jack to skip town.

Bruce Dern appears here as “Dr. Vic”, he’s Jack’s father, and a local mob boss as well, who is wanted by Louisiana Tax board, and police as well (for smuggling counterfeit cigarettes into Louisiana and tax evasion). Police determined to bring Dr. Vic and Jack down with or without AJ’s help.

In the end, AJ will stop at nothing to protect the woman hes always loved and the daughter he never knew he had (yeah, he also has a wife and a grown up daughter).

This is the second film from “WWE Studios” that I’ve seen, starring Triple H, and… well, the least they could do is NOT to repeat the same scenes as they did in their previous film “The Chaperone”.

It was was also made by WWE Studios, Triple H also plays a convict, he also leaves prison in the beginning of the film, he also gets to drive the car, as soon as he’s out… In other words – both of these WWE Studios films starring Triple H, have exactly the same beginning.

“The Chaperone” however was more like a comedy, so I didn’t really expect any action there, in case with “Inside Out” I did, and…well, another disappointment.

Our hero looks like he could take down a whole SWAT team if he wanted to, but throughout the whole film he tries to act, instead of getting into some action (excuse me, but i did want action here!), and from time to time reminds us that “all he wants in life, is to make pickles”. Not really funny, quite boring instead.

The script could have been filled with some fights (Triple H only gets one lousy fight in the movie), and it could have been so much better.

But, I suppose our WWE superstar got enough of action inside the ring, so in the movies he’s just “a normal guy, who doesn’t need any problems”.

If you are a Triple H fan I’d suggest watching WWE again. Michael Rapaport and Bruce Dern are okay (as is Parker Posey, who plays AJ’s wife), but this doesn’t save the film from being boring. I mean, come on, if you put a wrestler into a movie, and he’s the lead – give him some action.




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