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REVIEW: Killing Heat (2012)


If you’ve been dying to see something politically incorrect, then “Killing Heat” is right up your alley. Really. Honestly.

The story takes place in Pattaya (Thailand), where three of the friends (JD, Gordon Goldman and John Walker) meet.

JD (Kenny Wang) is the unlucky one – he just recently got fired from his job, and friends invite him to Thailand, to clear his mind, and just see how much of alcohol and girls his body can take.

Well, one thing JD’s body cannot take is the heat, as he’s sweating all the time. His situation doesn’t get any better when his buddies go away on some important business leaving JD all by himself.

As it usually happens, JD gets drunk while his buddies are away, and upon waking up, he finds himself in the jungle of Thailand, and what’s worse – he doesn’t remember a thing.

Soon, JD manages to find out that he’s in Isan (Thailand’s northeastern region), and now he has to get back to Pattaya. He can’t call his friends, he’s got no money, he doesn’t speak the language, and the killing heat of course.

Situation changes from bad to worse, when JD “accidentally” rapes a 10-year old girl (WTF!) and soon finds himself on the run from a bunch of armed locals.

For the next 40-45 minutes JD will be using all his ability to stay alive, including shooting people with guns, throwing knives at them, fighting them, and so on. All that…to find out the shocking truth…

“Killing Heat” starts off slowly, so if you can get over the first 15 minutes of boring, meaningless dialogue, drinking, and skinny Thai girls – then, it gets better.

According to the filmmakers, “Killing Heat” was shot for about $5,000 – and if the figure is correct, it really is amazing that the creative “3F” production company could pull it off.

Basically, it is a politically incorrect, action-packed adventure story with lots of shooting, fighting, bad acting, lousy music and cheesy dialogue – an ultimate B-movie!

It is unlikely that “Killing Heat” would be going to any festivals – for that “child raping” scene alone, unless heavy part of the film would be cut.

“3F” themselves, which is a two-man production team, says on its website that they do not make films for money, but rather they do it for fun, for the sake of the art… well, for a B-movie fan, this is as artsy as it gets.

For a lot of people, “Killing Heat” might be crossing some lines, however the film is somewhat addictive, and its easy to swallow. Treat it as a “b-movie”, and you’ll be entertained.



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