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REVIEW: Mercenaries (2011)

In an unnamed Balkan country, the opposition forces have gained control over the city, and after invading the presidential palace, kill everyone there, thus shattering stability in the area and raising security issues to the alarming levels.

The U.S. intelligence soon finds out that its ambassador along with his aide have been captured by the opposition forces, and are being held as hostages in an unknown location.

Since the U.S. does not want to get involved in this situation directly, the decide to hire mercenaries who can carry out the dangerous mission. In case of a failure, the U.S. will deny all links to the mercenary group.

Colonel Torida (Billy Zane) arrives in the area, and briefs the soldiers on their mission, which seems to be anything but easy.

The leader of the group is Andy Marlow (Robert Fucilla), an ex British S.A.S. member turned mercenary and his fellow soldiers soon find themselves in hell being shot at by the numerous opposition forces soldiers.

The mercenaries do not know however, that there’s one of their own among the enemies, working undercover.

Despite the fact that for the last 5-6 years Billy Zane’s movie choices could be assessed as questionable for some movie fans, he is still a fine actor, and does his job great in nearly every film he appears in. Even if its something forgettable like “Mercenaries”.

The film is filled with cliches, starting from the story itself, and the dialogues as well. Since Zane appears in a minor role and does not have a whole lot of screen time, we are forced to watch our “mercenaries” for the most time, and they cannot act one bit.

There’s no chemistry, there’s no real team work, there is basically nothing to “stick your teeth into”. There are lots of plot holes and questions, starting right off the beginning when the opposition forces attack the president’s palace. The worst for me personally – was the inability to care for any of the leading characters.

Other people who watched the film claim the military uniform in the film is all wrong, which I cannot judge since I am no expert on that. But the “mercenary” group sure was too soft, uncoordinated, and just plain badly assembled.

To make a long story short – even if you do like low-budget action movies, this one doesn’t get you hooked. If Billy Zane does not care whether he appears in such bad film or not, why should you care watching it? Avoid.



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