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REVIEW: On the Count of 3 (2012)

The film starts off with a drug deal happening, somewhere on the outskirts of the city. Charles (Alan Johnson) is a cop undercover, trying to bust a drug dealer named Fausto (Xavier Christian).

The deal, as usually it happens in such cases, goes wrong, and Fausto is forced to run, only to be captured by Charles’ partner Richard, who doesn’t even need to be undercover – he wears pink glasses all the time, and behaves like you wouldn’t even believe he’s a policeman.

Meanwhile Charles is still trying to put cuffs on Fausto’s bodyguard, who simply refuses to obey. Then, Charles all of a sudden recalls his youth, and the film “They Live” and starts behaving like Roddy Piper, saying “You either put these cuffs on, or start eating that trashcan”.

Needless to say the bodyguard decides to take his chances, and after a quite lousy fight, Charles manages to cuff the criminal.

As it turns out later, all of this was for nothing, as Fausto is released from custody, thanks to his lawyer, and frustrated Charles quits the force shortly after a conversation with his police chief Williamson (Lloyd Kaufman in a surprising cameo).

Some time later, Charles and Richard meet a mysterious agent named Samson (Gordon Clark), who offers them to start working for the government. Since the way Samson describes it, the job is much more interesting and profitable than the current police job, both Charles and Richard agree.

From there on, they’re briefed on their daily assignments, the most important of which – is to find and capture a crazy bank robber, that not only robs bank after bank in the area, but also kidnaps bank managers and tortures them to death.

Using their own methods of achieving results, both cops soon realize that they’re part of a much bigger picture, and the secrets that they had no idea about are revealed in the finale.

“On the Count of 3” is mostly an action comedy, that has to be watched with an open mind. While not giving a viewer anything that hasn’t been done before, this low-budget film still manages to offer something for the fans of independent cinema.

To start it off, filmmakers behind “On the Count of 3”, Christopher Coffel and Brett O. Walker have put up probably the worst pair of buddy cops ever. Such cops are worse than criminals, and they’re amusing as hell.

One believes he’s half Shaft, half Roddy Piper, the other one never takes his pink glasses off and handles a giant magnum. Their acting is very amateur, yet their stupid decisions just make you want to continue watching, to see what they do next.

The best actor out there was probably Gordon Clark, who played agent Samson, and looked ridiculously similar to actor Desmond “Wrong Turn” Harrington.

As already mentioned before, the legendary Lloyd Kaufman appears in the film as a police chief, yet he plays his part never letting us forget he’s actually Lloyd Kaufman.

“His scene was shot in Troma headquarters in New York,” writer Christopher Coffel told BZFilm. “We contacted him via Twitter, and we were able to work it out. Unfortunately we couldn’t afford to bring him to Phoenix for the shoot, so we had to go to New York to capture his scene.”

Coffel also said that there are plans to release “On the Count of 3” to several film festivals, and added that there are currently talks being held with several distribution companies.

As for the film itself – if you like low-budget action films, give it a look.

Despite bad acting, and somewhat annoying performance from Lloyd Kaufman, the film had some good moments, and having a bigger budget would’ve made it a lot better.



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