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REVIEW: Pressed (2011) + trailer

Is there really such thing as easy money? I believe so, however it doesn’t happen often, and sure as hell doesn’t happen to everyone. Didn’t really happen to our heroes in “Pressed” either…

Brian (Luke Goss) is a business man, who’s down on his luck: he’s just been fired his executive position at one of the top investment firms.

Naturally, Brian goes for a drink, and stumbles on a “quick fix” business deal that can put him back on track. Jimmy (Michael Eklund), the bar owner, is the one arranging all this mess, and little does Brian know that this “fix” involves drug money, which belong to a powerful drug kingpin.

On the other hand, we have two teenagers Jesse and Sam, who accidentally steal this very drug money from Brian’s car, and spend it.

Brian now has to get the money back in time, with merciless drug dealers just a step behind him. In this twister circle of greed, deceit, murder and wealth someone will live, someone will die. Lives will change, some of them will be changed for good.

The film classifies as an action-drama, although I would say its more of a thriller, a solid one, althoug without any unexpected turns. Luke Goss who plays the lead has always had, in my opinion, the ability to “climb the ladder”, close to those, we call A-List stars. He has the looks, and he can act.

However, as the time goes on, it seems to me that Goss, in some way is in similar situation as his character Brian, as he’s stuck in this pit of “medium movies”, which are not exactly B-movies, and not good enough to be called blockbusters.

Goss does his job well here, despite the fact that the film doesn’t really have any other real “star power”, so to speak. Michael Eklund shines as the bar owner Jimmy here, it seems like of 10 movies that I watch, Eklund appears in 3-4 of them. Good actor, good screen presence.

As for the “pressing”…there is some, however throughout the whole film I felt something was missing, I couldn’t understand what exactly.

The film ended, I am writing this review, and still cannot figure out what was missing. I believe it was a rather short story stretched to hour and a half. Oh yes, there’s also too much talking, and not enough action.

To sum it up, there are of course better movies made in Canada, however I’d recommend watching “Pressed” at least once. The film won’t leave any scars, and would go for a passable evening thriller.




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  1. I watched the movie pressed and was a little disappointed. The movie had all the right stuff to be a hit until the end. Just when the audience was expecting some action and waited for what was to happen to the other 2 people, one that was to be executed and the other to work for the drug lord all you heard was a shot. One was released and who was shot and who ended up working for the drug lord. It just let you ponder.

    Here is where some action could have been introduced. Either the police could have intercepted or the older character could have done something dramatic. I am sorry to rate this on the B category when it could have been a hit. Thank you for listening. It’s just my own feelings. Joseph.

  2. Thanks for taking the time and leaving a comment, Joseph! The film definitely is not the most memorable one of those Luke Goss has been doing for several straight years already. The best of him is still to come, we assume…

  3. The ending spoilt the film. I loathe open endings with a passion and had I known that it was like that, would not have bothered spending time with the film.

    I feel cheated.

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