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REVIEW: Redemption aka Hummingbird (2013)


Jason Statham is an established action superstar, there’s hardly any doubt about that. The man has been a very “reliable” action man for many years, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Statham has been associated with action movies for so long, that those rare movies where he doesn’t do action (take “13” for example), are always overshadowed by his more adrenaline-filled films. And yet, “Redemption” here is something more.

The film follows Joey (Statham), a former Afghan war veteran, living in London, who has dropped to the bottom of the barrel. Someone who used to kill people on orders, now is homeless, starving, and getting beaten on a regular basis.

One day though, Joey stands up to a couple of bullies in the alley, and somehow manages to escape from them. While running away, Joey breaks into an unknown apartment, and decides to lay low.

It doesn’t take long however, before Joey gets himself together, and decides to obtain the identity of the man whose place he has broken into in the first place. Now, the ex-soldier is an avenging angel, an antihero that on one side works for the local criminal boss, and on the other – flirts with a nun, and looks for the killer of a girl he knew.

Like already mentioned, “Redemption” is not your standard Jason Statham “punch, shoot first – ask questions later” type of film.

Statham character’s background explains his occasional fights in the film, however the accent here is made on different things. Who would really expect Jason Statham to hit on a quiet, ballet-loving nun?

While Statham’s performance is almost always better when he talks less and fights more, in “Redemption” Joey might not be as tough as Lee Christmas, but he’s not annoying either.

Sadly, the film never explains the reasons why Statham’s character has been the way he was been since coming back from Afghanistan. In this kind of film, giving a little background would’ve been useful.

Polish actress Agata Buzek is very believable as a nun, and despite the lack of true on-screen chemistry between her character and Joey, their relationship feels quite real.

Overall, “Redemption” can be considered a “break” for Jason Statham, who has done “Expendables 2” prior to this, and is scheduled to do “Expendables 3” and “Fast and Furious 7” after it.

For action fans – this is not really your cup of tea, as a couple of short fight scenes would obviously not be enough to satisfy your needs. At the same time, for Jason Statham fans – this is one of rare movies, where Statham gets to show off his acting skills, instead of shooting and fighting people every 10 minutes.



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