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REVIEW: Restitution (2011) + trailer

“Restitution” started off slowly – some guy, named Bryan Spikes, who looks like overweight 80’s Chuck Norris, works as a private investigator of some sort, spying on people.

Once, he meets Heather (the ridiculously beautiful Mena Suvari) in a bar, and the two fall in love. Some time later, Bryan gets set up for the same people who hired him, and he’s thrown into the water off the bridge…

Years later, some writer named Alex, who looks like overweight Mark Zuckerberg appears in the same city, and starts his own investigation on Bryan Spikes’ death.

He manages to uncover some sort of conspiracy, and he’s now being hunted down by the hired killers from some rich organization, ruled by father (William Sadler) and his son (C. Thomas Howell).

In the end, Alex has to save Heather from the bad guys, with some help from his crazy new friend Tom (Tom Arnold), a former marine sharpshooter.

Mark Bierlein (lead, and co-writer) doesn’t do any roundhouse kicks in the film, nor does he invent any new mind-blowing social network, he just happens to have the looks like I’ve described before.

I am not sure if he was the best man for the leading role, but I assume he had something to do with film’s financing, so he also ended up playing the key character.

I suggest we concentrate on other characters, in particular Mena Suvar and Tom Arnold. Suvari looks stunning, very beautiful, and she might not be the best actress out there, but she’s one of the few so-called on-screen eye candies that don’t need to get naked in order to grab your attention.

As for Tom Arnold, I simply dug his character – a crazy war veteran, who makes these gay jokes (if he ever quits acting, I would love to see him do stand up comedy), can’t keep himself in shape, shoots like Rambo, is somewhat stupid, but turns out to be a reliable friend.

William Sadler and C. Thomas Howell both have minor parts, and I still don’t understand how Howell ended up playing Sadler’s son in the film – they look totally different! Anyway…

The film is a nice low-budget conspiracy thriller, with little action, but enough of good acting and a few pathetically staged fights to keep you entertained. Check it out. And, as always, trailer for the movie is below.




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  1. The pits. Sub-amateur editing, direction from a screenplay that almost delivers the impossible: virtually every scene is dishonest.

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