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REVIEW: Sniper Reloaded (2011)

If you’re a movie fan, and like action films, you probably are well aware of the infamous “Sniper” trilogy, starring Tom Berenger as an expert sniper, Thomas Beckett.

Here, however we’ve got another story, this time featuring a newcomer, Chad Michael Collins, playing Beckett’s son, Brandon. So, you can say its “Sniper jr”.

Berenger doesnt appear in the film, as we learn to know in the beginning, Berenger’s characted got killed. Now, its Brandon, who has to prove he is “right up there” with his father, and kill some bad guys along the way.

The plot circles around Brandon’s flashbacks, who gets accused of going AWOL to kill some mysterious sniper, who killed his whole squad.

A familliar face we get to see, who helps youngster to accomplish his task, is Richard Miller (nice to see Billy Zane returning to portray his character from the first film), an expert sniper, who was a friend of Brandon’s father.

Action takes place in South Africa, and yes, there is enough shootout scenes to keep you in your seat, and add to that, some beautiful landscape shots. Overall, if you like movies about snipers, this one is satisfying.

A solid addition to the “Sniper” franchise. Chad Michael Collins looks believable in his part, but he definitely has a long way to go to reach Tom Berenger.

Check this one out if you’re at home, and have nothing else occupy yourself with.


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  1. I am big fan of action movies and think this post is for the lovers of action movies. This movie is full of action i watch this movie this movie is prefect for action lovers.

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