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REVIEW: Stash House (2012) + trailer


David Nash (Sean Faris) purchases a great, beautiful house for cheap, for him and his young wife Emma (Briana Evigan) for her birthday. Gated, serene, and surrounded by friendly neighbors, it seems too good to be true.

The young lovebirds move in, only to soon find out that their house is in fact a “stash house”, where walls are lined with bricks of heroin. Aw, a perfect evening spoiled!

It gets worse though – soon enough two villain characters enter the film: unstable, trigger-happy Jaffe (Jon Huertas) and tall, calm and ruthless Andy Spector (Dolph Lundgren).

Since it is a stash house that David and Emma are in, the windows are bulletproof, there’s also a security system, and the couple barricades itself from the assassins.

At first it seems that Spector and Jaffe just want the drugs, however later their true plans are revealed, and the young family will have to outsmart the armed killers, and survive the night.

While the film is among those distributed as “After Dark Action” series, it can hardly be called an action movie – this is purely a dark thriller.

I noticed that most of the time when Dolph Lundgren plays villains (and he does not do that often), they’re all interesting and more exciting to watch than his usual macho parts.

With a few exceptions, Lundgren’s villains stand out and they’re memorable (Ivan Drago in Rocky, Street Preacher in Johnny Mnemonic, Andrew Scott in Universal Soldier), and Andy Spector from “Stash House” is somewhere in there as well.

While Lundgren has aged, he still got that look on his face that makes you want to root for him, even when he’s not a hero (Expendables, anyone?).

“Stash House” might be boring for those, expecting Lundgren to tear everything apart like he used to in his earlier films, because here Andy Spector is a cold, calculating villain, that mostly uses his brains to solve problems, instead of muscles.

While Lundgren is the star of the film, others should be mentioned as well. I’ve seen only a few Sean Faris movies, and I admit I like the guy – he gets entertaining projects (Free Runner, Never Back Down, King of Fighters), and “Stash House” is a nice change for both him and Lundgren.

Like already mentioned, “Stash House” is a thriller, which, like every other movie, does have its flaws. For me personally the film could have been 10-15 minutes shorter – some scenes drag, and there’s really not much going on.

The film lacks intensity in some parts (mainly in the middle), and you can handle films that tell the story in only one location (stash house in this case), you can give it a look.

Clearly not a sensational film, but somewhat original and the tension really starts building up towards the end. Trailer for the film is below.




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