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REVIEW: Stunt Games (2010) + trailer

Twins Adan and Samuel (Steven Dasz and Andrew Dasz) work in a restaurant, and hold their own martial arts school. The brothers, while identical, have totally different characters and approaches to life. Soon however they lose their jobs after a lousy mistake, one of them finds an interesting advertisement in a local martial arts magazine.

A wealthy businessman has a hobby – he likes to make low-budget action films, and he’s in desperate need for two stuntmen. Brothers quickly jump on the opportunity, since the promised payment was a lot more than they would have earned in a restaurant.

Their troubles however are just starting, as a man gets killed during the shoot by one of the brothers, who had a gun loaded with real bullets. After the incident, a couple of police officers are assigned on the case.

As it turns out later, the brothers were set up, and the picture is bigger than just one murder on a movie set, and the brothers have to fight for their lives, against the local mafia that they got involved with in the first place…

There were Martin and Michael McNamara. There were also Peter and David Paul (the Barbarian Brothers). And now we have Steven and Andrew Dasz – a new pair of twins, that take a slightly different approach, compared to the above mentioned twins.

The Dasz brothers are real fighters – both studied Tae Kwon Do, and other styles as well. In “Stunt Games” they do both their own fighting and stunts.

As the director David Xarach told BZFilm, “Stunt Games” was shot almost entirely in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, in Spain. The director noted that additional 10 percent of re-shoots and extra scenes were shot in Madrid.

“Stunt Games” has its flaws, such as weak story, some poorly edited scenes, however the film shows amazing potential of what a pair of talented, fighting brothers can do.

Director David Xarach confirmed that the film was made for only $2,500, just as the official IMDB page of “Stunt Games” says.

According to the director, the film participated at the 11th Fantastic Costa del Sol International Film Fest, however it never had a real festival run.

One of the twin brothers, Andrew Dasz also spoke to BZFilm, and said that as of now, the film is on sale (in DVD format) in Spain and Portugal.

It should be noted, that the DVD version of the film is slightly longer.

“We are now preparing to start working on the script for Stunt Games 2 and plan to shoot it in Hong Kong, Thailand, USA and Spain,” Andrew Dasz added.

It can be assumed if there are so many countries listed for the sequel – it will have a much bigger budget, and that is definitely something a “Stunt Games” sequel needs.

Until the sequel is out – enjoy the original. “Stunt Games” has fights, stunts, humor and some really beautiful girls. Check out film’s trailer below:




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