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REVIEW: The Entitled (2011) + trailer

“The Entitled” follows Paul Dynan’s (Kevin Zegers) plan to prove both to himself, and the whole world that he deserves something better in life.

His plan is to kidnap three rich kids, and hold them ransom, so that he could get money from their fathers (veteran actors Ray Liotta, Victor Garber, and Stephen McHattie). Dynan has got plenty of his own problems – he cannot find a solid job, and he desperately needs to support his sick mother.

Now, as usual, on the paper his plan looks great, its all clean and easy. In reality however, it all goes wrong, when his psychotic partners get trigger happy, victims try to escape, and everything seems to be going the opposite way.

In all this chaos, Dynan must think fast, and act even faster to keep it all under control, and try to stay one step ahead of his own twisted game.

Kevin Zegers has matured a lot, since I’ve last seen him in “Fear of the Dark” back in 2003, and in here he’s in the center of the whole story. To me, his character was likable, mostly because he seemed real – there are sociopaths like him all over the world.

The story of the film is divided that way, so that elder, more experienced actors get to act together (Liotta, McHattie and Garber), while the younger hot-heads stay on their own side (Zegers, Devon Bostick, Dustin Milligan), and by the end of the film they all meet up.

For me, personally, that was the most interesting part of the movie – where one can compare how younger characters solve their problems (victims trying to escape, and young sociopaths trying to stick to their plan), and how the elder characters try to figure out their own situation (fathers of rich kids think, drink, talk and argue about money, their kids, the consequences, and so on).

The film obviously had a limited budget, but actors really act well, and the portrayed characters are really interesting. Oh yes, and there is a nice twist at the end of the movie. This thriller is definitely should be watched at least once. Trailer for the movie is below.



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  1. it was pretty good

  2. Yes, thanks to the actors, and interesting script. Good example that no big budget is necessary to make a good little film.

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