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REVIEW: The Guardian (2000)

According to some people online, this movie is pretty hard to find, which is a shame because itself the movie is not that bad. Yes, its low-budget, but the story is there, and its quite unusual to be honest. Why unusual? Lets see…

Paul Randall (Frank Zagarino) is hired by wealthy Steve Layton (Bryan Genesse) to protect his father. Steve is afraid that his father is being hunted by someone (there is a little backstory on some anonymous letters being sent to their house, blah blah blah). Randall accepts the job.

But before all this, we see some guy, dressed all in black comes into some building, knocks on a door, the older woman opens up, and the guy shoots her dead. He then proceeds down the corridor, knocking on 2 more doors, and kills one more old guy. Then the mysterious killer disappears. Few seconds later, Randall appears, and finds his old mom (yes, that old woman) dead. The next day, he gets the job on protecting the old Edward Layton…

Later on, it turns out that the killing of Randall’s mother and the assasination attempt on Layton are connected, and we’re in for 2 more surprises along the way.

So back to the beginning, what’s so unusual about this film? Its actors actually. The two leads, Frank Zagarino and Bryan Genesse meet again on-screen for the 4th time. First they battled each other in “Project Shadowchaser 2” (Zagarino played an android who takes over the nuclear power plant, Genesse is the hero), then it was “Cyborg Cop 3” (Zag and Genesse together fight off a deadly cyborg), and the third film they appeared in was “The Company Man” (where Zag played the lead once again, and Genesse had a bit part).

The thing is, in all of the movies mentioned above, there was lots and lots of action. Zagarino (by b-movie standarts) is considered “a king of b-movie action films”, and Genesse proved he can act, as well as fight.

In “The Guardian” we get completely the opposite. There are minimum of fights (yes there is one between Genesse and Zag), and not much of action anyway, supposedly due to budget constraints.

In here we actually get to see Genesse and Zagarino act, and the whole film plays out like a thriller mixed with drama. If you are familliar with these two actors, I would suggest watching this movie, if you can find it.

Its a little different from what Zagarino and Genesse are known for (I did read somewhere, that they are friends in real life), but it did not seem too boring to me.


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