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REVIEW: The Marine 3: Homefront (2013)


Jake Carter (Mike Mizanin) grew up in a small U.S. town, and felt like he always wanted something more out of his life. So what does he do? Right, he enlists into a U.S. Marine Corps…

Fast forward to present day, when Jake is given two weeks off, and he arrives back into his hometown, with that “tough guy” look on his face, strong physique…and inability to connect with his friends and family members.

Jake doesn’t approve what his younger sister (Ashley Bell) does, he doesn’t like her boyfriend, he gets into a fight in a bar – in short, Jake is having some troubles being at home.

At the same time, a radical militia group led by Jonah Pope (Neal McDonough) robs a bank in Seattle (taking half of the money, burning the rest on purpose), and soon ends up in Jake’s little town, where they have to meet their contact and purchase some explosives for the next mission.

It so happens that Jake’s little sister and her boyfriend are in the area, and they witness Pope killing a man. Of course it doesn’t take long before Pope’s men capture the teens and hold them hostages at the old ferry nearby.

What follows next is good old cliche – Jake get’s aware of the situation, gears up, and goes to the rescue, unaware that there’s a group of FBI agents already hiding near the ferry, as there’s a much bigger picture than simple hostage rescue operation.

WWE Films follows the formula that has worked twice before, with the first “Marine” (starring John Cena) and the second “Marine” (starring Ted Dibiase). For the third installment they selected popular wrestler Mike “The Miz” Mizanin.

There’s very little doubt that anyone actually expected Mizanin to show his acting chops in “Marine 3”, and he doesn’t really try that much.

What the fans want here is action, plain and simple. Speaking of action – there’s plenty, with shootouts and fight scenes included.

However a surprise comes in the face of Neal McDonough, who plays a very interesting villain, and he alone brings up “Marine 3” to a new level.

Jonah Pope, played by McDonough, is a calculating strategist, a paranoid and a cold-blooded killer. His ideas and goals go a bit beyond simple terror or robberies. Despite all the action from Mizanin, McDonough’s Pope is the most interesting thing in the whole film.

Memorable parts were given to Steve Bacic, who plays an FBI agent, and to experienced martial arts actor Darren Shahlavi, who has been typecast for a long time as a villain usually fighting the lead protagonist. He does get to fight Mizanin in the film.

Overall, “The Marine 3: Homefront” ranks lower than the original film, and is just about the same as “Marine 2”.

The film is a good time-passer for action fans, however there’s nothing really to brag about. McDonough can be proud though – he does make a great villain.



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