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REVIEW: The Mark (2012)

Chad Turner (Craig Sheffer) is a mercenary, hired to provide security for a very special kind of operation. In Thailand, an unknown chosen person is being implanted with a unique working biometric computer chip made by the Avanti Corporation.

The chip is believed to have the power to change the world as we know it, and Turner has been hired to ensure the operation of injecting the chip into the “patient” goes smoothly.

Unfortunately it does not, as some armed men appear and Turner nearly dies, trying to save the “patient”. The “patient” dies, while the doctor performing the operation, manages to insert the chip into Turner, just to make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Some time later, Turner awakens in a hospital, and sees Mr. Cooper (Eric Roberts) near his bed. Cooper informs Turner about the chip, noting that they both have a scheduled flight to Berlin, for the G20 Summit, where Avanti Corporation will present the chip to the International community.

Meanwhile, a wealthy businessman dreaming of taking over the world, wants to get that chip, after Avanti refused to sell it to him. Thus, he hires a ruthless mercenary Joseph Pike (Gary Daniels) and his crew to find the chip and get it back.

The story develops further, as Turner and Cooper end up on the same flight with Pike and his goons, when the plane is hijacked by the mercenaries.

With Turner desperately trying to stay alive in all this chaos, neither he nor everybody else believe that the most unforeseen event – “The Rapture” is already happening…

“The Mark” has been advertized as a “christian movie”, a so-called genre of movies that would not be everyone’s cup of tea. Yet, this one in particular offers enough of everything else to keep you away from the “christian theme” if necessary, providing some entertainment along the way.

Craig Sheffer looks really good, it seems like the actor has lost some weight since he appeared in ” While She Was Out” with Kim Basinger in 2008, and looks believable as a leading action man. He even gets into some fights!

The star of the 90s kickboxing movies, and later “The Expendables”, Gary Daniels adds another Thailand-made movie to his filmography, playing the bad guy, again. His character of Joseph Pike basically is a hired gun with his own principles, who doesn’t really care about the ending of the world or “the rapture”, and thus becomes the ideal counterweight for the rest of the characters.

Eric Roberts whom we just love at BZFilm, has become better with age, acting wise. Even in those movie parts where he has very little material to work with, he manages to capture your attention.

He does have a couple of such moments in “The Mark”, and it seems like he feels comfortable doing another joint movie project with Gary Daniels (both were in Expendables, Hunt To Kill, and one more unnamed project).

Speaking of local actors, Sonya Couling (playing a flight attendant, our hero’s love interest) did a great job, which cannot be said of Ron Smoorenberg, a Dutch martial artist, who has a bit part as a terrorist on the plane. Being a an action man that he is, he should be given more screen time.

The film has been shot in two parts, making it overall a 3-hour movie, that in fact is interesting to watch, again, as mentioned earlier, if the “christian theme” is not really your thing.

The first part of the film mostly gets viewers into the story, while the second part is more action oriented. And yes, there’s enough of gun action and hand to hand fights for everyone. Give it a look, regardless of your religious beliefs.



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  1. Meh…

  2. This was Left Behind meets Air Force One. Thankfully we didn’t buy it.

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