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REVIEW: The Package (2012)


Tommy (Steve Austin) works for a local crime boss named Big Doug (Eric Keenleyside), and collects debts for him.

Tommy’s brother (Lochlyn Munro) is in prison, and he’s also in debt to Big Doug, however the boss offers Tommy a deal – if he delivers a mysterious “package” to a rival crime lord nicknamed “The German” (Dolph Lundgren), then his brother’s debt is cleared.

The unsuspecting Tommy agrees to take the job, and soon finds himself in a lot of trouble – not only a bunch of mercenaries and gangsters try to stop him from delivering the package and try to kill him, but the package itself is not what Tommy was led to believe.

Alone, without anyone left to trust, Tommy is desperately trying to finish the job, while everyone around him try their best to make sure Tommy doesn’t get to The German…

Jesse V. Johnson has made some memorable B-movies in the past several years, like “Charlie Valentine” and “The Butcher”, with “The Package” being the latest one.

In fact all three mentioned films could easily be put together as stories that happen in one big city – the films have a lot in common.

First thing that “The Package” can be appreciated for is the fact that Johnson knows how to handle actors in secondary roles, and allows them to do what they know best.

Darren Shahlavi (Bloodmoon, IP Man 2) and Jerry Trimble (Full Contact, Live by the Fist) are both known as great martial artists, and have done a great deal of martial arts movies that are appreciated by the fans.

Here they both get quality screen time, both acting, and doing what they do best – fighting. Yes, both Shahlavi and Trimble get it on with Steve Austin, and despite fights not being long, it is great to see them still doing it.

Dolph Lundgren has a rather different role from what the viewers usually associate him with, and yet he also gets his share of action.

Austin, an already established B-movie action star does what he does best, and one thing that is great about Austin is that he looks perfectly comfortable with the characters that he plays, and doesn’t seem to take these action movies seriously. Take note, Steven Seagal.

The film’s story seems like a cliche at first, but it does have a few twists here and there, and a few very cool scenes as well – like the opening one.

Action-packed crime stories have become the niche, that director Jesse Johnson shoots his movies in, and for the most part, the films are enjoyable to watch.

“The Package” packs a really nice cast, and it is just as good, or slightly better than Johnson’s “The Butcher”, starring Eric Roberts.

Johnson’s friend and frequent collaborator Dominiquie Vandenberg is not in “The Package”, however other actors, like Shahlavi and Trimble have both worked with Johnson before, and “The Package” is their best joint film yet.

For the Steve Austin fans the film might not be as action-filled as they’d want it to be, but still a solid addition to ex-wrestler’s filmography.

To sum it up – “The Package” delivers just enough not to bore you to death, and keep the entertainment level above average. Give it a look.



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