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REVIEW: The Raid – Redemption (2011) + trailer

I’ve been hearing a lot about this Indonesian action flick for the past 5-6 months, and everything I heard was strictly positive. Some even claimed “The Raid” would set a new standard for making action movies.

So, I I finally had a chance to check this gem for myself, and I was impressed. While the film lacks in story department, this is what you would least expect in such cases.

The story centers around a squad of well-armed policemen, who have an unofficial assignment – raid the 30-story dwelling complex, where a powerful crime boss resides.

Our hero, Rama – a young police officer is experienced, yet he’s worried, as his wife will soon give birth to his son, and this kind of assignment almost guarantees early “retirement”.

The crime boss is no fool of course, as he has an army of armed-to-the-teeth killers, and the whole complex equipped with cameras that monitor every corridor.

After the cops break into the complex, all hell breaks loose – people start dropping like flies, blood being splattered all over the place, and overall the situation becomes alarming for the police.

Since the crime boss resides on one of last floors, the remaining cops have to unite and use all their experience to “go through floors of hell” to get what they came for. Little do they know, that everything is not as easy as it seems.

Now, no movie is perfect, and so is “The Raid”. Despite having a sky-high IMDB rating, there are some flaws, which I’d like to notice.

First has been mentioned before, and it’s the story. Despite having a couple of twists towards the end of the film, the overall story is very easy to follow, more of an excuse to expose viewer to the big amounts of crazy action and martial arts scenes.

The second letdown, in my opinion, is the cast. I am not so familiar with Indonesian actors, but since the film was distributed in the West as well, I doubt they know anyone who appears on screen in “The Raid”. I give these guys credit though – it is quite hard to impress an action movie fan these days, “The Raid” manages to do that.

There were some rumors online that Hollywood might consider making their own version of “Raid”, and something tells me – if that happens it will have a much bigger budget but a lot less impact. Actors in “The Raid” are just giving all they got.

Stunning fights are expertly choreographed, and don’t let go until the very end. There’s even a fight with a villain taking on two cops in a cellar, which somehow reminded me of that “BloodMoon” fight, where Darren Shahlavi battles Chuck Jeffreys and Gary Daniels.

Action wise, this kind of film would be quite hard to beat in some time. Considering the budget that was used (according to IMDB – some $1 million), the result is simply amazing.

This is like taking early 90s Jackie Chan movies mixed with modern Jet Li but without humor and a lot more action and brutality.

For action fans – this is a must see. It has shootouts, sick martial arts fights, machetes, gory deaths, it is rated R, and its highly recommended. Tease yourself with a trailer below.




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