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REVIEW: The River Murders (2011)

In this little thriller, Ray Liotta plays Jack Verdon, a homicide detective, who is on a strange case – he’s investigating a series of murders that all seem to have a connection with him.

Verdon ends up becoming the prime suspect, when FBI uncovers his close personal ties to all the victims. So, naturally, now Verdon has to find the real killer, clear his name, and try to save some people on the way.

I always liked Ray Liotta’s acting, no matter the movie he stars in. He’s always good, always electrifying and enjoyable. In “The River Murders” he’s in good company, acting alongside Ving Rhames (plays Captain Langley) and Christian Slater (plays FBI agent Vuckovich).

The killer is played by Michael Rodrick, whom I remember from a very low-budget movie “Nowhere Man”, where Rodrick got his manhood chopped off by his wife…but that’s another story.

As far as “The River Murders” go, the whole film circles around these sexual relationships of Liotta’s character with other women he had in the past.

By the looks Liotta has in this movie (he’s not really in shape anymore), it’s hard to imagine this “detective, who slept with over 100 women”, but who knows, everyone has his/her taste.

The killer in the movie is revealed rather early (he actually turns out to be a religious fanatic), and the rest of the film is filled with Liotta’s desperate attempts to catch this guy, get along with his wife (who has also been cheating on him), and engage into these bitter talks with Christian Slater’s character.

To sum it up, this is definitely not Liotta’s best movie, and overall just a passable, forgettable thriller.

Ving Rhames looks out of place here, and Christian Slater doesn’t get enough of screen time, and portrays a rather blank FBI agent character. I’d recommend this only to die-hard Liotta and Slater fans. Otherwise, you might as well skip this film.


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  1. That’s too bad, I’m a big fan of Christian Slater and was hoping he’d have a big part in this movie. I’ll probably still give it a try since I already put it in my Blockbuster Movie Pass queue, but at least if I really dislike it I can take it in for an in-store exchange. I definitely prefer to try out movies using a cost effective means like this before I decide to buy them and from what you say here it sounds like The River Murders is going to be a ‘rental only’, oh well with Blockbuster if it turns out to be really bad I can always take it in for an in-store exchange.

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