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REVIEW: The Veteran (2011)

We’ve seen a dozen of films with script and story similar to that of “The Veteran”. In fact, at first, the film doesn’t offer us anything new at all – Robert Miller (played by Toby Kebbell) is an Afghanistan vet, who returns home to London. Naturally our vet is haunted by his war experiences, and he feels out of place in his homeland.

He has what doctors call “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” – we do get to see him punching walls with his fists from time to time.

Anyway, he’s our main hero (unstable, somewhat suicidal, but likable), so we’ll follow him. Upon his return, Miller notices drug dealers all over his area, children walking around with guns, so all this chaos impacts him even more. Later on, Miller is recruited by special services to monitor some suspected terrorists.

Along the way, Miller learns that there’s a conspiracy going on and that his friends just might be his worst enemies. And, in the end of the film, Miller has to deal with all this with the only way he knows how – with a weapon in his hands…

Now, this is not an action packed American story of a crazed vet going out for justice. This is a solid British thriller, with noticeable political and “post war” psychological problem subtexts.

The movie starts dragging a bit in the middle, as there is clearly not enough action to satisfy action fans, and Miller’s story is not detailed enough to attract a more serious viewer.

On the other hand, the acting is bearable. Toby Kebbell does a fairly good job as Miller (I did see some similarities to De Niro’s “Travis Bickle” character from “Taxi Driver”), and Brian Cox is as good as always, portraying Miller’s mission chief.

To me, the movie seemed like a sad story of a war vet, who, no matter which way he goes, still ends up in the same “hole”. Give this one a look, if you get a chance.


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  1. I don’t understand what u mean when u say its a SOLID BRITISH THRILLER. This movies sucks. Poorly made, crappy storyline and awefully executed. a wastage of time and money.

  2. Well, it all depends on how you define “solid”. For me, personally, it was allright. I’ve seen a lot worse, trust me. It kept me interested, although I have to admit, a bit more action and the film would be a lot more entertaining. Besides…it takes a “bit more” to appreciate a “bad movie” 🙂

  3. This movie sucks, I agree with SOurabh. It was a complete waste of time and money, I wish I would’ve seen this review err comments before I watched it. I mean come on, how can you kill the protagonist that actually plays a decent and worthwhile storyline? No justice has been served with this film.

    I was actually wanting to stop it half way through but I wanted to see what would end up of it, and if he would achieve in the end. He kills the chick he’s in love with and then dies at the hands of a juvenile punk! Nobody knows about the conspiracy involved (in the fake “world” of the movie anyways) and the bad guys win. What the fuck. Absolutely horrible.

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