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REVIEW: The Victim (2011)

Kyle (Michael Biehn), a seemingly quiet and harmless man lives by himself in the woods, in his uncle’s old cabin. Occasionally he goes into town, only to come back to his cabin later, where he spends his days alone, away from people.

Annie (Jennifer Blanc) and Mary (Danielle Harris) are Kyle’s complete opposites. They’re dancers from a local club, and they also don’t mind getting dangerously close to two cops, one of which is a sheriff (James Harrison). The four of them go out to the woods, and host some sort of a party.

Sheriff tries to get it on with Mary, who reluctantly succumbs. Moments later, the unexpected happens, as during rough sex, sheriff breaks Mary’s neck, and the cops now have not only to hide the body, but also make sure Annie keeps her mouth shut about the incident.

Annie on her part manages to escape, and after some time of wandering in the woods, she stumbles upon Kyle’s cabin. It does not take long before Kyle has to abandon his quite style of living, to protect Annie from the cops, who now try to kill them both, to erase all traces.

Michael Biehn has a lot of films behind him, yet he probably will be forever known for his role in “The Terminator”. This particular film adds him not only an acting credit, but a directorial and screenwriting credits as well.

It can be assumed that Biehn wisely saved quite some money on this project, as he plays the leading character, while his real-life spouse Jennifer Blanc plays Annie. According to IMDB, the budget for the film was only $800,000, and the whole thing was shot in less than 2 weeks.

“The Victim” has quite an interesting background, as Biehn was reportedly inspired by Robert Rodriquez to direct this film. While Biehn of course is nowhere close to Rodriquez, he did manage to make possibly the best film he could for the limited resources he had.

“The Victim” packs enough of violence and sex to satisfy the fans, and the acting is quite solid as well, on Biehn’s and James Harrison’s part.

Jennifer Blanc is mostly annoying and helpless throughout the whole film, yet many would forget that as soon as she takes her clothes off. Danielle Harris doesn’t get naked, yet her beauty is obvious every time she appears on screen.

The story of “The Victim” seems to be fitting for a short film, yet Biehn manages to stretch it, with all the violence and sex scenes. There’s also a nice twist at the very end of the film that makes you wonder who the real victim is.

“The Victim” is Biehn’s second film as a director (the first was “The Blood Bond” 2010), and both films are fairly watchable. Biehn’s second directorial effort is worth watching at least once, yet the film does not offer anything truly memorable.



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