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REVIEW: To Die is Hard (2010)

To Die is Hard

Joe McCann (Glenn Berggoetz) is an English professor at a local college. He’s got a loving wife (Lauren von Engeln ) and a cute little daughter (Haidyn Harvey).

Joe is great, he’s got a wonderful family that adores him, he’s got a job he’s good at, and he’s got an attitude that not even a bunch of terrorists can withstand…

Speaking of terrorists – there are four of them, who decide to take over the university where McCann teaches.

Luckily for the terrorists, led by Anton (Baird Lefter) on weekend, the university is almost empty, except for a few employees, and they easily find their way in.

Now, unluckily for them – Joe McCann is also on his way to that very place. Since no one is ready to step up and play hero, McCann has to take this role, and save the day, by killing terrorists one by one.

As you’ve probably guessed, “To Die is Hard” is a spoof of the famous “Die Hard” series, starring Bruce Willis.

Glenn Berggoetz (a real life English professor, filmmaker) directs this action comedy, at the same time handling the part of Joe McCann himself.

While a lot of micro-budget films try too hard to look serious, Berggoetz goes the other way – everything about “To Die is Hard” is just either wrong, or funny, sometimes both.

To start off with characters – none of the characters in the film seem normal. McCann’s wife and daughter praise their head of the family as if he was an invincible God (which is not so bad, if you think about it), the terrorists behave like complete idiots, and the university staff act like they fell from the Moon.

McCann himself is no better, as he acts like he’s seen way too many action movies, however, somehow his “skills” help him to fight terrorists all by himself.

As mentioned before, the film is a spoof of the “Die Hard” films, and there’s even a “fat cop” named Al, who tries his best to do nothing to help McCann, who is locked inside the university, fighting the terrorists.

Made on a budget for $1500, and shot over the course of 4 days, “To Die is Hard” shows what how laughable sometimes an action hero can be.

Joe McCann walks around the university, delivering epic lines with an unforgettable face, displaying totally awful fighting techniques, and even finds out that half of the university staff is in love with him. It doesn’t get any better than that.

It can be assumed that if “To Die is Hard” had slightly bigger budget, the film could have been better (less continuity errors, better staged fight scenes, more action), however for what it is worth, it is entertaining.

Oh, it should also be mentioned that there’s a lot of face slapping in the film, and one of the terrorists looks a lot like Ben Kingsley…



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