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REVIEW: To the Death (1993)


Rick Quinn (John Barrett) is a kickboxing champion that wants to retire and devote more time to his girlfriend.

As soon as he makes the announcement, his long time rival Denard (Mohammed Qissi) gets upset with the fact that he didn’t get a chance to face Quinn for the title.

At the same time, a wealthy businessman Dominique Le Braque (Robert Whitehead), who also stages illegal underground fights with deadly outcomes, offers Quinn to fight for him.

Naturally, man of high values, Quinn refuses, and for that La Braque puts a bomb in his car, which results in death of Quinn’s girlfriend and his unborn daughter.

What follows is a downfall of Quinn, who starts to drink heavily, and slowly turns into a shadow of a fighter he once used to be.

Quinn blames Denard for the bomb, and gets beaten by Denard in a bar, resulting him being thrown into prison. La Braque gets him out, and offers him another chance to fight for money. This time, Quinn agrees, not knowing what he’s gotten himself into.

“To the Death” was made during the “golden age” of kickboxing movies in the 90’s, when a real-life martial artist would be doing these straight to video fight flicks, turning into a b-movie star.

This has not happened to John Barrett, who leads the cast of “To the Death”. Barrett made a couple of films with lead roles, and then stepped away from the films, focusing more on his martial arts.

Mohammed (Michel) Qissi is known for martial arts movie fans from his “Tong Po” parts in the “Kickboxer” movies, and here he actually gets to act a little as Denard, aside from fighting. Actually he’s more fun to watch than Barrett, who’s acting is pretty much non-existent.

Speaking of fights, there aren’t many, and they are rather mediocre. Add to that – the fighters themselves are not so tough, no known names, except for Barrett and Qissi.

“To the Death” says to be a sequel to the “American Kickboxer” film, also starring John Barrett, however there are differences in names, and the sequel turned out to be just as mediocre as the first film.

“To the Death” can only be recommended to die hard kickboxing movie fans, since it really doesn’t offer anything memorable.



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