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REVIEW: Transit (2012) + trailer

Nate (Jim Caviezel) and his family (wife and two kids) decide to go on a road trip. Not every member of the family is happy about this trip, and it shows.

However, Nate is desperately trying to keep his family together, trying to make things right: he’s an ex convict, who served 18 months for a real-estate fraud, and now he’s out on parole. He of course doesn’t have the slightest idea that this road trip will turn into a nightmarish fight for survival.

Meanwhile, a group of four crime figures, Marek (James Frain), Arielle (Diora Baird), Losada (Harold Perrineau), and Evers (Ryan Donowho ) commit a bank robbery nearby, and now trying to escape the area in a beautiful black Chevelle (I think).

Since the police is already setting up roadblocks for security check-ups, Marek and his team decide to stash the stolen cash into some other car, and once the roadblocks are behind, get the money back.

By a ridiculous coincidence, they manage to put the stolen money into one of the bags on Nate’s car. Unaware of this, Nate and his family continue their trip, and successfully pass the roadblocks. So do the robbers.

After that, everything gets even more simple: the bad guys want to get their money back and escape, and the family has to not only stay together, but also battle off the robbers, who intend to kill them.

And, its up to the head of the family, Nate, to “take the right turn”, to save his family, prove his own innocence, and stay alive.

It seems to me that Jim Caviezel, being a fantastic actor that he is, has this passion for “car movies”. I remember the other film with him, Robert Harmon’s “HighwayMen”, where Caviezel’s character also had to deal with cars a lot (among other things).

Not that the films have any direct connection, except for the fact that cars are in the spotlight in both films. However, those are just my personal thoughts.

Acting in the film is bearable, although I felt a little bit cheated: we don’t get to see Diora Baird’s stunning assets, and she doesn’t really act here, so we’re pretty much stuck between the floors.

Harold Perrineau does his best as a villain, however he seemed to be out of place to me. There’s also a small scene with one of my favorites – Griff Furst, a B-movie director and actor, as a roadblock cop. The main villain – Marek – is a letdown, as James Frain, in my opinion, is not memorable, and quite annoying.

I can agree with some online reviews, that the characters in the film behave unnatural, in other words – stupid. There are indeed scenes where you could just jump up screaming “people don’t do that!”.

On the other hand, the movie is quite intense, it doesn’t really let you go, so I’d suggest checking it out if you like thrillers. Trailer for the movie is below.




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