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REVIEW: Urban Fighter (2012)


“Urban Fighter” is a directorial and screenwriting debut of Mike Moeller – a German martial artist actor and stuntman.

The film’s story takes place, presumably, in post-apocalyptic Germany, although it is never revealed to the viewer.

As usual in such cases, we have a city without law, without police, and it is ruled by rivalring gangs. One of such gangs is “Bloods” gang, the most intimidating and violent one, that prefers to solve all problems with fights.

Film’s main character, Mikey (Mike Moeller), and his friends are not members of any street gang, who are forced to protect themselves against those, who rule the streets.

Mikey is athletic, yet his martial arts skills is nothing to brag about, so he practices with his brother Mathis, and slowly improves his skills.

Suddenly, his brother is killed under unknown circumstances. Mikey vows revenge on those responsible, and there’s only one way he knows how – become an ultimate fighter, and start fighting the gangs, to find the killer.

So, what follows is Mikey’s journey to becoming a better fighter, as he trains and engages in various street fights with gang members, rapists, thugs and other scum that has polluted the streets of his city.

One fight after another, as Mikey is getting ready to enter the tournament of the best fighters around the area, not suspecting where he might end up in the end…

“Urban Fighter” is memorable for a few very simple reasons. One such reason is fighting. The film is practically a non-stop mix of fighting.

If anyone remembers the 1993 film “TC 2000”, then this film is somewhere close to that. Having a runtime of some 100 minutes, “Urban Fighter” probably devotes about 80 minutes of that to fighting.

Another reason is Mike Moeller himself. While not being as popular as other martial arts actors/stuntmen, Moeller demonstrates his stuff to the fullest in the film.

In his recent interview to BZFilm, Mike Moeller noted that he, and his crew have decided to make “Urban Fighter” in the tradition of old action/martial arts B-movies, and that’s exactly what we got.

Producers should take notice of Mike Moeller – the man delivers some amazing martial arts here, and could easily be among top modern martial arts actors.

Moeller said he watched all of the 90s action movies with Don “The Dragon” Wilson, and other superstars of that time, and it shows – the film has several moments, that were directly taken from other movies.

“Urban Fighter”, sadly, doesn’t have much to offer aside from fight scenes, as the story is weak, and acting is pretty much non-existent, due to the fact that most of the actors in the film were either martial artists, or stuntmen.

Nevertheless, if you are a fan of martial arts movies, give “Urban Fighter” a look. If in such kind of film all you want is fighting – then this would do just fine for evening’s entertainment.



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