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REVIEW: The Wrong Car (2016)


Nearly every criminal incident, no matter the size, can be turned into a basis for a film. “The Wrong Car” deals with a subject that no one would want to be familiar with.

Trudy (Danielle Savre) studies law and lives in an apartment with her roommate Gretchen (Francia Raisa). One night, after a few drinks, Trudy decides to get home, and calls a NetCar (think Uber).

The luxury car arrives, Trudy gets in…and ends up in a cheap motel room later, naked, barely able to remember what happened. The investigation, which progresses with turtle speed, reveals that Trudy was raped by a NetCar driver.

Humiliated and enraged, Trudy takes the job with NetCar as a driver, hoping to find the rapist and prevent others from facing with the same she did. What follows is Trudy’s encounters with different clients, showing that a taxi driver’s job sometimes isn’t the easiest in the world. You never know who you’re going to pick up.

Obviously, the creators of “The Wrong Car” didn’t intend to create all the negative PR for Uber – a service, similar to the fictious NetCar in the film, but this is the message that sticks with the viewer the most. After all – who is really driving you home?

“The Wrong Car” starts off almost revealing “who the killer is”, and the later attempts to twist the almost obvious finale, are futile. Yet, “the car” is not totally “wrong”…

The film should be appealing to male audiences – it has a really nice group of great-looking women. The leading lady is hot. Her roommate is hot. The female cop investigating the case is – hot, you guessed it. The acting sometimes is not of the highest level, but come on, there are at least three eye candies to look at, so forget the acting for a while.

“The Wrong Car” is an OK time-passer, that doesn’t offer anything you haven’t seen before (including good-looking women), but is a good one-time watch.

What’s more important – it does deliver a couple of right messages, intentionally or not. So, be careful when ordering a taxi, wherever you are…


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