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WATCH ONLINE & REVIEW: Yo Soy Un Hombre Loco (aka I am a crazy Man)

Short martial arts movies are fun to watch because they go straight for the action. “Yo Soy Un Hombre Loco” aka “I am a crazy Man” follows the same formula.

A short martial arts film from LBP Stunts Chicago features two martial arts killers, number one (Shawn Bernal) and number two (Emmanuel Manzanares).

Number two is ambitions, and he wants to become the best there is, and to do that, he needs to beat the number one. And, a final showdown is about to begin.

UPS and DOWNS: Vlad Rimburg handles the directing good, he knows how to shoot a martial arts scene, and all the fights in the film look great (taking nothing away from Bernal and Manzanares who know their stuff), however Rimburg, who also wrote the film, could have developed the story better, as its just too amateurish.

Amateurish dialogue is something that’s really distracting (same phrase “I am a crazy man” is repeated too many times in a 10 minute film), and the fake blood just doesn’t look like blood. What I did like is that the creators tried to make the killers look and behave a little different from one another, and on some levels it did work.

Overall, there’s no doubt LBP Stunts Chicago know how to fight, now all they have to do is make their next cinema product more professional.

Oh yes, and if you’re curious: the film did get a few awards (“Action on Film” international film festival) in the “best fight choreography” and “best martial arts action sequence”. Like I said, Shawn Bernal and Emmanuel Manzanares know their stuff, and they do it with passion.

MOVIE: Yo Soy Un Hombre Loco (aka I am a crazy Man)
YEAR: 2010
STARRING: Shawn Bernal and Emmanuel Manzanares

You can check out the full movie right here, just scroll down below.

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