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REVIEW: All American Zombie Drugs (2010)


Sebastian (Beau Nelson) and Vinny (Wolfgang Weber) are long-time friends, burnouts, who are wasting their lives away on nothing but drugs.

While Vinny’s brother also died because of an overdose, he still follows the same path, with his brother sometimes appearing as a ghost, trying to put Vinny on the right path.

Sebastian, compared to Vinny, is a complete nutcase, he wants to be “high” all the time, and even when he’s not taking anything, he still behaves like he’s “high”.

Despite having a junkie girlfriend Kara (Susan Graham), Sebastian has a funny way of expressing his emotions, when he pretends to f*ck an imaginary object.

Soon a new character enters the scene – a rich goth girl named Melissa (Natalie Irby), who seems to have money for Sebastian and Vinny to start their own business. A business of selling drugs of course.

After the two convince Melissa to invest her money into their idea, the first phase goes terribly wrong, as our amateurs get tricked into purchasing fake drugs.

Left without money, and with people demanding refunds, they think of another idea – searching for a recipe on how to make their own drugs on the internet.

The second phase goes even worse – the drug they make makes people fall dead, and they later rise up as zombies…

“All American Zombie Drugs” is a black comedy, full of inappropriate humor, however not a cheap zombie flick, as the title might suggest.

During the whole film our characters snort drugs, swallow pills, and basically behave like people you wouldn’t want to have as neighbors, despite them being funny and entertaining.

Alex Ballar, according to IMDb, managed to make a quite entertaining film for some $200,000. Basically, the only regret one can have here is – not enough make-up on zombies – a factor that could’ve moved the film closer to such films as “Fido” or “Shaun of the Dead”.

“All American Zombie Drugs” is its characters. Beau Nelson, Wolfgang Weber and Ballar himself (appears as a ghost) showcase great acting, and carry the whole story forward.

Lack of “zombie action” is compensated by cheesy dialogues, superb directing and editing.

“All American Zombie Drugs” is a simple story, that could’ve easily been developed into a series, or have at least a sequel, which sadly did not happen.

For zombie fans, the film might not be the right fit, as the story focuses mostly on characters and their lives full of drugs.

On the other hand, if you like entertaining independent black comedies – give it a look.



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