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REVIEW: Chokeslam (2016)

By Tim Tal

Some (both fans and non-fans) claim that the WWE (World Wrestling Federation) shows are not as good and popular as they were in the 1980s and 1990s. It should be noted that boxing and wrestling subjects usually make entertaining movies.

Do you like female wrestling? How about female wrestling comedies? If you like both, then “Chokeslam” just might be for you.

The film is about a rather cliche and lame love story. Deli clerk Corey Swanson (Chris Marquette) falls in love with a towering girl wrestler Sheena DeWilde (Amanda Crew), but he fails miserably, when she denies his marriage preposition and leaves soon afterwards.

Ten years later, Sheena comes back to her hometown for a school reunion party, only to find Corey there, who cannot seem to forget his high school sweetheart. Corey gets another chance to pursue Sheena, as she is persuaded to hold her farewell wrestling match in her hometown…

One thing should be noted right away – the film is silly, cheesy, but in a nice way. Don’t expect this to be a straightforward wrestling comedy. It’s just a comedy with some wrestling background.

Real-life former wrestlers, Lance Storm (as Pit Stank) and legendary Mick Foley (as Patrick) appear in minor roles. By the way, Mick Foley has a bunch of movies lined up for release. Nice to see him getting some acting gigs.

Speaking of “Chokeslam” characters, Chris Marquette does such a good job portraying Corey that you just start to hate and feel sorry for him right away. He’s a nice guy, but so annoying that at times you just hope he’d get into the ring and get chokeslammed dead.

On the other hand, the character of Luke (brilliantly played by Michael Eklund) is great in his own way. You never guess what’s on his mind, he looks totally out of place, but somehow perfectly fits into the entire story. Eklund’s facial expressions sometimes say it all.

Overall, “Chokeslam” is a good time-passer. Wrestling fans might get a few giggles here and there, and enjoy seeing Storm and Foley. Canadians get thumbs up for “Chokeslam”!


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