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REVIEW: Grunt! The Wrestling Movie (1985)

“Grunt!” is a pseudo-documentary about wrestling star “Mad Dog” Joe DeCurso (played by real life wrestler and stuntman, Greg “Magic” Schwarz), who suddenly disappears, after killing his opponent in the ring.

Some time later, “a director” (Jeff Dial) decides to make a documentary on “The Mask” – a new masked wrestler, who is seemingly undefeatable, and who, surprisingly looks exactly like Mad Dog, same moves, same physique. So, “director” wants to prove, that “The Mask” is actually Joe DeCurso.

Throughout the film, we follow the director and his crew, get a few insights into Joe’s private life, as the crew talks to his ex trainer, his ex girlfriend and other people.

They also try to talk to “Mask’s” representative Angel Face (played by the wonderful Lydie Denier), however in this case, things don’t work out well.

The movie features a bunch of wrestlers (such as Magic Schwarz himself, and Steve Strong), and also former Mr. America and Mr. World, bodybuilder Bill Grant, who appears as wrestler “Captain Carnage”.

The whole film is quite cheesy, and you can actually get a few unintentional laughs out of this. Oh, yes, the ending of the film also contains a “twist”, if you can call it that, and some great 80’s songs.

So, if you like wrestling, and like wrestling movies, give this one a try. Keep in mind though, that “Grunt!” is nowhere near Darren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler” with Mickey Rourke.



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  1. One of my all-time favourite motion pictures, but I’m not sure how you can say that the film is “unintentionally” funny. Everything that is funny in this film is there with the purpose of making you laugh. There’s nothing “unintentionally” funny about it.

    Also, why would you even mention “The Wrestler” in this review? It’s not relevant. “The Wrestler” is relentlessly bleak. “Grunt! The Wrestling Movie” is pure fun. Comparing the tw films is like comparing “Raging Bull” to “The Great White Hype”. That said, the wrestling sequences in “Grunt!” are far superior to those in “The Wrestler”, which Aronofsky just rushed through, seemingly because the director had neither the patience nor appreciation for how wrestling is done inside the ring. “Grunt! The Wrestling Movie”, much like “All The Marbles…”, has some wonderful wrestling scenes. “The Wrestler” is a good “serious” film, whereas “Grunt!” is a great fun movie.

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