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REVIEW: Little Bear and the Master (2008) + trailer

I stumbled on “Little Bear and the Master” accidentally, and knowing that this was Frank Zagarino’s last film (I suppose he’s alive and well, but he didn’t appear on screen since this movie), I decided to give it a try.

“Little Bear and the Master” is in fact a family movie. Little Bear is an Indian (tall skinny kid, about 17), who lives on reservation along with his family, and they are all worried about the increasing incidents with real bears, as poachers simply kill bears for their gold bladders.

Then, all of a sudden, a stranger by the name of Jung Lee (Julian Lee) appears, and starts throwing poachers right and left, using his superb martial arts skills. He then befriends Little Bear, and even teaches him some moves (not really).

With Jung Lee’s protection, poachers are now helpless, and their boss has already found a rich buyer for the bladders – businessman Franco (Frank Zagarino).

After the poachers finally get their hands on Jung Lee, Franco decides to “get his hands dirty”, and goes head to head with Lee.

There’s also a corrupt sheriff (played by Bill Nunn), who goes good by the end of the film, and helps other Indians to battle off with the poachers.

As usual, the good guys win, the bad guys are captured, and we see the inserted archive footage of bears happily running around.

As much as I dislike family films (especially low-budget ones, as most of the time they’re simply unwatchable), “Little Bear and the Master” does at least have a few interesting scenes, and they all involve Frank Zagarino battling with Jung Lee.

Zagarino doesn’t seem to age, he still got his wooden acting, and his “cyborg walk” makes me smile and remember his “Project Shadowchaser” movies.

Sadly, there’s nothing much the film can offer, except for those couple of fight scenes.

So, if you’re a Zagarino fan you might want to have “Little Bear and the Master” in your collection. If you are anything else – skip it without even thinking, and simply watch the trailer below.




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