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REVIEW: March of the Dinosaurs (2011)

Usually I don’t watch these kind of animation movies, however, since I love dinosaur related movies, I decided to give it a try.

The story circles around two dinosaurs, to be exact, we see their stories separately. One is a vegetarian dinosaur, called Scar (the name stick after he managed to survive the attack from the Gorgosaurus, only a scar was left), and the other one is a carnivorous dinosaur – Patch.

As the story develops, Scar has to move along with his tribe, to find a more warm place, as the winter is coming, while Patch stays and tries to learn how to survive the Arctic winter.

Patch and Scar meet only once, when Scar’s tribe is leaving their previous grounds, and Patch catches Scar’s look.

By nature, they’re also different, as Scar is a scary defenseless dinosaur, who usually stays close to the bigger dinosaurs of his kind.

Patch on the other hand is a loner, who desperately tries to find some food, and usually gets into all kinds of troubles. As the narrator Stephen Fry puts it “Patch’s problem is that his food is usually bigger than he is.”

As usual, we have a “villain” here, in the form of a giant T-Rex (Gorgosaurus), arguably the strongest, fearless nocturnal predator. Both Scar and Patch manage to escape from his jaws a couple of times.

The story focuses more on Scar, as the tribe moves on, there are many problems they will encounter along the way: volcano eruption, deadly cold, a bunch of maneating dinosaurs, and some underwater predators as well. Scar is very weak, and if it wasn’t for the “Veteran” from his tribe, he would have been dead.

The Veteran is an old dinosaur who helps Scar along the way, but he’s got a problem of his own – a developing brain tumor, which slowly drives him crazy.

He manages to save Scar one more time later, when unstoppable T-Rex attacks Veteran, and they both fall down from the high mountain.

In the end, eventually, Scar manages to survive and re-joins his tribe, while Patch learns his true hunting instincts, and even manages to attract females…

To sum it up, I enjoyed it very much. This is not just another “blank dinosaur related documentary”. It actually makes you care for the characters, and the story is quite dramatic, touchy and believable.

I should also point out the absolutely fantastic special effects and graphics. If you like animation and dinosaurs, this is definitely recommended!



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  1. Hey there, nice review! Did you review the Blu-Ray version or DVD? I live in the U.S. and really want this version on Blu Ray but it is Region B. However, I read somewhere the DVD apparently works on ALL regions even though it is labeled Region 2. Any way for you to find out if the same goes for the Blu Ray? Thanks!

  2. Hi there, thanks for commenting. The fact is that I’ve only seen it on DVD, cannot really say anything about Blue Ray. Why not try searching online for a Blue Ray version? Since this has been released some time ago, there should be a BlueRay version there somewhere.

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