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REVIEW: Scorpion King 3 – Battle for Redemption (2012)

Being a fan of Dwayne Johnson, I intentionally did not watch the original “Scorpion King”, since I really loathe all these medieval flicks (I did watch the “Conan” remake though, just for fun), and I also skipped the sequel to “Scorpion King”, which was shot in 2008.

Now, the reason I watched “Scorpion King 3” is that I liked the cast: Victor Webster playing Mathayus, and also Temuera Morrison, Billy Zane, Ron Perlman, plus “eye candies” in the face of mma fighter Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson, and WWE Superstar Dave Batista.

So, the third “Scorpion King” film went straight to video, having a $5 mln budget, according to IMDB. In this part of the franchise, Our King Mathayus (Victor Webster) is not a king anymore, since his kingdom has fallen, and his queen is dead too.

A powerful king, Horus (Ron Perlman) is facing a crisis, that could cost him his kingdom – his brother Talus (Billy Zane) is gathering up a powerful army, and plans an attack on Horus’ kingdom.

Horus still has one ally and that’s King Ramusan (Temuera Morrison), who possesses the legendary “book of the dead”. Horus needs to stop his brother before he can get to this book and enslaves Ramusan’s people.

And in order to do that, he hires Mathayus, who is now a mercenary, and will kill pretty much anyone for the right price. So, the journey begins…

Victor Webster was the first disappointment – the guy might have the right looks, and the beard is cool, but he acts and talks like some guy you’d call to fix your computer.

Not very convincing as an Akkadian. Billy Zane was a bit worse – trying his best to be funny and menacing at the same time. Film’s most ridiculous scenes are the one’s with Zane in them.

I wont be saying anything bad about Ron Perlman, the man simply loves his job, and he’s good at it, regardless of the film he’s in. Kevin Ferguson is far from being the best mixed martial arts fighter out there, but I believe he’s the most scary looking one.

In here, he has a brief role as a “Zulu warrior”, so does Dave Batista, playing another “ghost warrior”, and looking like Shao Khan from Mortal Kombat franchise.

Krystal Vee portrays King Ramusan’s daughter, and love interest of Mathayus, and she looked unbelievably beautiful. Great addition to the film, in my opinion. However, everything else is…well, dull.

The plot is hard to follow at times, our Scorpion King gets his ass kicked too many times, there are ninjas flying all over the place, and the sword fights are just plain funny.

Give the film a look only if you’re a die hard fan of any before mentioned stars, or if you just like the “Scorpion King” franchise.

Everyone else can stay away, as I can agree with other negative reviews out there – “Scorpion King 3” doesn’t really have anything to offer.



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