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REVIEW: Some guy who kills people (2011) + trailer

“Some guy who kills people” is a story about Ken Boyd (Kevin Corrigan), a loser in his mid 30s, who has recently been released from a psychiatric hospital.

Boyd works as a bartender in some cafe, and dreams about exacting revenge on a few local jerks, who bullied him in the past, and ultimately put him into the mental institution. So, Ken dreams of exacting revenge for his seemingly miserable life.

Boyd happens to have a daughter, who was taken away from him when he got put into the looney bin, and now little girl tries to get to know her father a little better.

Ken is so “not of this Earth” that he doesn’t even know how to behave in front of his daughter, who seems to know a lot more about life than he does.

At the same time, there’s a killer spreading fear and death in the city, killing those exact fellas, who bullied Ken in the past. Ken doesn’t seem to be worried a lot about these shocking events, and the local police does not disregard the fact that he might actually be the killer.

Throughout the film we see things around Ken change from bad to worse, and back to good as he, being almost a compete loser, tries to get his life back on track. Towards the end of the film, all traces of the killings lead to Ken, but is he really the killer?

Kevin Corrigan, who plays Ken, has long proven himself as a good, “reliable” actor, who can pull off a great performance in a decent film.

“Some guy who kills people” somehow fits with him exactly, its a drama with some comedy and horror elements, and I assume Corrigan did enjoy making this little movie.

There’s also Barry Bostwick as a local sheriff, someone you wouldn’t ever want to have as your local authority, and legendary Karen Black, who plays Ken’s mother.

I should also note the young Ariel Gade who plays Ken’s daughter – something tells me this girl has some future as an actress, the camera definitely loves her.

Personally for me, the film was refreshing, as it wasn’t a “straight” action or “straight” horror that I usually watch, so I did enjoy it. Good, balanced mix of horror and comedy. Good acting carries the movie, and I’d recommend checking it out at least once.

There are some cheesy moments here and there, as I assume the creators of the movie tried to “please everyone” sort of. In some ways, it did work. Check out the trailer for the film below.




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  1. The script is fantastic, deftly balancing multiple subplots, such as Boyd’s relationships with his long lost daughter, dismissive mother, and a burgeoning love interest. In between fountains of blood and gales of laughter whenever Bostwick or Black is on the screen, there’s a genuinely-touching core of sadness about Boyd that makes for an interesting character exploration.

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