REVIEW: Suing the Devil (2011) + trailer

A young, inexperienced law student Luke O’Brien (Bart Bronson) cannot figure out what to do with his miserable life. So, to prove himself, he decides to…that’s right – sue Satan himself! Sue him for all the troubles that he caused mankind for $8 trillion.

No, the guy wasn’t drunk or on drugs, but he didn’t take himself seriously, and when the court was done laughing at him, all of a sudden the doors open, and Satan himself walks in.

The challenge has been accepted. Trial of the century is about to begin. Satan has got the best lawyers money can buy, and Luke got only his wife, his ridiculous idea of “making a better life for everyone” and his belief in Christ…

– Hey listen, I just sold my used car and now we can make that film!
– What film?
– The film that I wrote, where a lawyer sues Satan!
– Are you serious?
– Yes, absolutely! Its a great idea, and Malcolm McDowell will play the Satan too!
– Why McDowell?
– Because today we can get him for cheap, and he is a great actor!
– Okay, let’s do it then!

What you just read above is what I think was the “development” stage of “Suing the Devil”. Yes, the film is low-budget, and yes, the great Malcolm McDowell plays the Satan. The rest of the film is, well, very mediocre at best.

Throughout the whole movie (hour and 45 mins or so) we’re witnessing this trial between Satan and Luke O’Brian. Since there’s nothing else in the film, the absence of good, clever “court dialogue” is clearly visible.

The acting is, well, actually there are only two people in the film who are actually believable, its McDowell (yes, I am sure he loved the idea of playing the Devil) and Corbin Bernsen (from “The Dentist” fame) who plays a TV-host covering the trial. McDowell enjoys his part, and delivers a great monologue towards the end of the film.

There’s also Tom Sizemore here, and I believe this is hist most pathetic role in the film ever, as he appears only when there’s a need for some quick stupid “facepalm” phrase.

As for the main character Luke O’Brian – actor Bart Bronson desperately tries to be a mix of Heath Ledger and James Franco, but needless to say, fails miserably. I don’t blame him though – this was his only second film credit (according to IMDB), and he better learn how to act fast.

The idea of “Man suing Devil” was good, fresh and could have been developed into something exciting at least. What we got is a boring, dragging movie, which is not really a comedy, not exactly drama, and even McDowell (who’s actually good here) cannot save it.

There are some interesting topics discussed (briefly, of course) in the film, but we all know that “it’s only a movie”, since in real life none of this stuff would work.

Let’s assume for a second that you CAN actually sue someone who’s not human. Let’s assume you CAN sue Satan. What would you sue him for? What proof you have? How would you carry your case? What if you live in a third world country, where laws exist but simply don’t work? What if the court, the judge, the jury – all corrupted? Who would you blame for your own failures?

To sum it up, if you’re a McDowell fan, you might want to check it out. Otherwise, somehow I feel you will get bored very soon. Check out the trailer below. Oh yes, and that DVD cover is absolutely awful.




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  1. I will give me this movie one bit of credit and that is that I now believe in miracles, because it is only through divine intervention that a full cast and crew of individuals with evidently severe brain damage could get together and make sure this “production” saw the light of day.

  2. This was a wonderful film! Saw it last night. C’mon how many films out there have the courage to talk about God? God is all but dead in Hollywood.

    I give the film a 9/10

  3. where can I see this movie?

  4. Robin, you can purchase the DVD with the film on official website (, they also happen to have some special features on it as well. If you’re low on finances, there’s always “pirated” or “ripped” version somewhere on the world wide web 🙂

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