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REVIEW: The Canyon (2009) + trailer

“The Canyon” is your real-life situation. A young couple Nick and Lori (Eion Bailey & Yvonne Strahovski) decides to go deep into Grand Canyon, however they are not granted the permission to do so by the local authorities.

The solution comes in the form of a local drunk Henry (Will Patton), who gets them one such permission, and agrees to take them to the canyon. So, after a sweet night together, our heroes get geared up, and ready to go.

However, one accident can sometimes lead to deadly consequences. And that’s exactly what happens in the canyon.

To be honest, the story of the film seemed so simple, that I desperately tried to guess what was going to happen next.

At first, I was expecting Henry (Will Patton) to screw the couple over, take their money or something and leave them in the canyon. Didn’t happen. Then, I was expecting some aliens or monsters to appear in the canyon, and… well, that didn’t happen either.

Like I said before, this is your real-life situation – you go camping or on some sort of a trip, and something bad happens. That’s the case with “The Canyon”, as the film is very real, there’s no supernatural stuff going on.

The whole film features some stunning canyon locations, and pretty much only 3 actors, and they do just a fine job on screen.

Will Patton is good in almost every movie, and here I was really impressed by Yvonne Strahovski. The beautiful Australian played her part very well, and she’s also an eye-candy!

However, personally for me, the movie was somewhat boring (real-life, remember?), and dragging at times. Making the film 10-15 minutes shorter wouldn’t really change anything.

There are a few unpleasant scenes (Will Patton gets bitten in the face by a snake!), but overall its just a familiar “man struggles to survive in the wild” story. Worth to check out once, but overall – rather forgettable. Trailer for the film is below.




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