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REVIEW: The Story Of 90 Coins (2015)


There are countless ways to express love. In various parts of the world, people do it differently. There is never a dull moment – just feelings and emotions.

Love is the strongest feeling in the world, and also one of the most fragile ones. Michael Wong’s “The Story of 90 Coins” short film proves both statements to be quite accurate.

The film follows a period in the lives of two people, Wang Yuyang and Chen Wen. Wang Yuyang proposes Chen Wen to be together forever, as he’s determined to take care of her. Chen Wen on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be entirely on the same page, and this triggers Yuyang to propose her something she doesn’t expect.

90 days. 90 days to prove he loves her, and wants to be with her always. In addition, he says he’d be giving her a coin on each of those 90 days, which would make 9 dollars once the period ends.

Yuyang’s idea is to allow Chen Wen give him 90 days to prove himself. If after the passing of 90 days she still refuses, they take the 9 dollars, spend it on drinks and part ways forever. If she agrees, they would stay together, and eventually get married.

However, things do not go as planned…


“The Story of 90 Coins” is the directorial debut of Michael Wong, and he scored big time, to say the least. According to IMDb, the film already won 14 awards and it also has 10 nominations.

The reason for such success? Wong managed to show the viewers something everyone can relate to, in the shortest possible time, leaving a strong message at the end.

Vivid narration mixed with beautiful cinematography and sincere acting wrap up “The Story of 90 Coins” with the mentioned strong direct message to all the lovers out there – don’t let a promise become just a beautiful memory.


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