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REVIEW: 13 Eerie (2013)


A group of forensic undergraduates are taken to a remote island, to take part in a real-life exam, the passing of which would grant them an esteemed trainee position with the FBI.

Professor Tomkins (Michael Shanks) along with a fellow cop, have prepared several experiments at the island, to test the youngsters, and see what they’re made of.

The “experiments” include three mutilated cadavers from the medical labs, which are to be found and examined by the students.

What neither the professor, nor the students know is that the island used to be an illegal biological testing grounds for life-term criminals who were left for dead.

Naturally, things go as wrong as they possibly can, as convict zombies start rising up, and the “flesh hunt” begins!

A bunch of negative reviews on “13 Eerie” did not seem like objective ones, and were probably written by people who have never seen a truly “bad” zombie movie in their life. “13 Eerie” is far from that.

As a zombie sub-genre addition, “13 Eerie” has a bit of everything. First of all, there are familiar faces there – Michael Shanks (Stargate), Brendan Fletcher (Uwe Boll’s Rampage), Brendan Fehr (Silent Night), Nick Moran (Lock, Stock, 2 Smoking Barrels) – and they’re all doing a fine job here.

Second – the special effects team deserves a thumbs up, as they did a great job on the zombies, and some of the scenes are quite gross.

It would have been nice to have the backstory of “island used for illegal biological testing grounds for life-term criminals” expanded more though.

In any case – “13 Eerie” is a very good addition to the zombie horror sub-genre, and should be definitely checked out.

As for that backstory – they can always make a prequel, can’t they? In fact, the film has left enough room for both a sequel and a prequel.



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